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PODCAST: Filling the Sink – all episodes

From sport and culture to news and current affairs, 15-minute podcasts on all things Catalan 


18 January 2021 07:14 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Little by little the sink fills up…

Filling the Sink is a weekly podcast on all things Catalan. The Catalan News team brings you chat, interviews and features on everything from food to football, culture to current affairs. No need to worry if you don't know much about this corner of land nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. As they say in Catalonia, "de mica en mica, s'omple la pica" – little by little, the sink fills up. Find out more and listen to all episodes below.

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Episode 11: Brexit – Listener questions answered (and more)

Don't know your TIE from your NIE? Or how you can prove residency? Bradley de Abreu from Age in Spain answers questions from British Catalan News readers. And we hear from Catalan businesses and universities on the impact of Brexit.

Episode 10: Coronavirus – vaccine rollout, research, and latest measures

Leading researcher Dr Bonaventura Clotet on the need for a pan-coronavirus vaccine, the threat of the variant discovered in Britain, and some of Catalonia's contributions to the global scientific effort. Plus a look back on the "day of hope" that saw 89-year-old Josefa Pérez make history by becoming the first person in Catalonia to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Episode 9: 2021 – a look ahead

A preview of what's in store for Catalonia in 2021 including the vaccine rollout and elections on February 14, as well as a look back on the last twelve months.

Episode 8: Christmas in Catalonia

Who needs Santa Claus? In Catalonia, kids hit a wooden log with sticks until it poos out presents. Learn about the Tió de Nadal and many other Catalan Christmas traditionssome excrement-related, some notin this special festive edition of Filling the Sink.

Episode 7: Catalonia’s late eating habits - time for a change?

Have you ever tried to book a table for 7pm at a restaurant in Catalonia? Or gone to do some shopping in the early afternoon? You might well have run into a little trouble. We explore the origins of this late schedule, and whether it can change.

Episode 6: BCN and tourism – a love–hate relationship

Barcelona has a love–hate relationship with tourism, vital for many jobs and businesses but a bane for many residents. Episode 6 of Filling the Sink asks if the current tourism model is broken and what can be done to fix it.

Episode 5: Barça – A Catalan Icon in Crisis

FC Barcelona is one of the world's biggest football clubs. To its supporters, it's more than a club, 'més que un club'. But what's behind the current malaise, both on and off the pitch?

Episode 4: Open Wounds – Dealing with the Francoist Past

Historical memory, or how to deal with the legacy of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship, is the subject of episode 4 of Filling the Sink.

Episode 3: Mushroom Hunting

Filling the Sink is filling its basket with rovellons, camagrocs and trompetes de la mort as we go foraging for mushrooms in the Pyrenees.

Episode 2: Covid-19 in Catalonia – a snapshot

A reflection on the first eight months of living with the pandemic and a look at what the Covid data tells us about Catalonia and Europe.

Episode 1: Halloween v Castanyada

In the red corner, the undisputed champion of autumnal holidays in Catalonia, it's La Castanyada. And in the blue corner, the challenger. It's got costumes, it's got candy, it's Halloween. Which should be celebrated on October 31 in Catalonia? The debate is on.


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