PODCAST: TikTok sensations - how social media is changing Barcelona

Local spots are being overrun by tourists after garnering attention online

Tourists taking a selfie at the Turó de la Rovira viewpoint
Tourists taking a selfie at the Turó de la Rovira viewpoint / Marta Vidal
Catalan News

Catalan News | @catalannews | Barcelona

October 14, 2023 10:23 AM

Many of you may have heard the term “Instagrammable,” which refers to places that are so beautiful or unique, they’d make for a perfect Instagram photo. As a result, these spots sometimes become famous on social media, drawing hundreds or thousands of travelers - who mostly just want to take a photo there. 

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Barcelona is no exception. There are plenty of spots around the city that have gone from a local gem to a tourist trap in a matter of months or years. They’re places that once served the local community, but are now targetting travelers instead, sometimes becoming overcrowded with people and angering residents. 

In this episode, we’ll visit churrerías, bakeries, food markets and hills with panoramic views. We'll also speak with tourists, influencers and local food vendors. 

The Catalan phrase of the week is "una imatge val més que mil paraules," which translates literally to "an image is worth more than a thousand words." It’s also a well-known phrase in English. 

Presented by Lucía Benavides with Emma Monrós and Lea Beliaeva. 

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