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Viquipèdia is the web's most visited site in Catalan with almost 750,000 articles written by volunteers 

A screenshot of Viquipèdia, the Catalan Wikipedia
A screenshot of Viquipèdia, the Catalan Wikipedia / Lorcan Doherty
Catalan News

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February 17, 2024 10:23 AM

February 17, 2024 04:44 PM

Viquipèdia, the Catalan version of the free, collaborative online encyclopedia, is a real success story, with almost 750,000 articles and over 1,000 active editors.

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The Catalan Wikipedia was the third one created, after versions in English and German, and is the only website not in Spanish to feature in Spain's top 10.

Wikipedians Xavier Dengra and Àlex Hinojo explain what drives them to volunteer their free time and contribute their knowledge to the project.

"We all share a love for the language and want to see Catalan flourish in the future," Xavier says. For Àlex, being a Wikipedian means "contributing to your own culture and language and making your reality accessible to more people." 

Lea Beliaeva chats to Núria Ribas, president of Amical Wikipedia, and Carme Fenoll, a wikipedian and librarian, about gender bias on the website and how Viquipèdia is trying to increase diversity, in terms of contributors and content, via initiatives such as edit-a-thons.

Presented by Lorcan Doherty.

This week's Catalan phrase is 'ser un setciències'. Literally, 'to be a seven-sciences', it means 'to be a know-it-all'.  

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