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  • 21-Nov-19: 'EU chamber head potentially willing to accept vetoed Catalan MEPs-elect'

    ACN | Barcelona
    21 November 2019 08:23 PM
    21-Nov-19: 'EU chamber head potentially willing to accept vetoed Catalan MEPs-elect'

    The EU parliament speaker is open to accepting the three vetoed pro-independence MEP-elects should the EU court rule that they have the right to take up their seats. 


President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli (photo by European Parliament)

EU chamber head willing to 'review' opinion on barred Catalan MEPs after court rules

European Court of Justice is due to rule whether jailed leader Junqueras has right to seat in...
A Barcelona fan holds a sign reading “Spain, Sit And Talk” at the Champions League clash between FC Barcelona and Slavia Prague (by REUTERS/Albert Gea)

Tsunami Democràtic urges Barça and Madrid to show 'Spain, sit and talk' slogan at upcoming clásico match

Anonymous protest group says sport cannot ignore "exceptional" situation in Catalonia and gives...
Image of Tarragona's chemical plant in Tarragona in May 2019 (by Núria Torres)

Exports rise to near all-time best at end of 2019

€55bn in Catalan goods sold abroad in 2019 so far, making up a quarter of Spain’s...


Amnesty have said that the verdict is against ''human rights international law'' (by Pool EFE)

Amnesty: referendum leaders' verdict is 'against international human rights law'

NGO concerned about "criminalization" of peaceful protests, which could have "dissuasive effect"...
Amnesty International's Senior Policy Advisor Daniel Joloy (by Quim Vallès)

Amnesty warns of ‘chilling effect’ of sedition conviction for independence leaders

Daniel Joloy comments on NGO’s findings after report on Catalan trial raises concerns about...
Amnesty released the full report on Tuesday (by Guifré Jordan)

A rundown of Amnesty's report on jailed leaders

Request for freedom for two activists, criticism of sedition charges and concern surrounding...

Catalan News TV


Spanish acting president Pedro Sánchez speaks at an official government act (by La Moncloa)

Pro-independence parties stand firm on conditions to support Sánchez

Acting Spanish president has promised a government "in next few weeks" but Catalan parties in...
Image of a citizen casting their ballot in Lleida, western Catalonia, during the May 26, 2019 election (by Laura Alcalde)

Half of Spaniards outside Catalonia would accept result of agreed referendum, says poll

70% of Catalans want to see independence vote, with 57% residents in rest of Spain against
Members of the parliament bureau on May 5, 2017 (by Rafa Garrido)

Trial of parliament bureau members postponed again

High Court to find new date for politicians charged for their role in the 2017 independence bid...


Congestion in Barcelona's Ronda Litoral on November 23, 2018 (by Barcelona town hall)

Traffic congestion into Barcelona costs drivers two days and €500 every year

New study from RACC association calls for improved road and rail infrastructure, better and...
ACN organized a round table at Pompeu Fabra University to discuss the role of news agencies on its 20th anniversary (by Pau Cortina)

On its 20th anniversary, journalists praise Catalan News Agency as ‘necessary’

Director Marc Colomer stresses "independence," "political plurality," and "neutrality" as...


Miguel Cardoso, leader of the BBVA Research team, during the press conference on the economic situation in Catalonia (by Marta Casado Pla)

Catalan GDP forecast down over ‘uncertainty’ concerns, says top bank

BBVA lowers economic growth prospects for 2019-2020 and warns of long-lasting impact on...
The Smart Catalonia stand at the 2019 Smart City Expo World Congress (by Maria Belmez)

Urban solutions at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Exhibitions and talks aim at shaping and improving the technological future of cities
A user of the virtual reality goggles in Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia, on November 19, 2019 (by Jordi Bataller)

A virtual stroll down Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia boulevard

Pilot project unveils mixed reality headset with local information and letting users explore...


Group of States Against Corruption call for improvements regarding the "appointment system" of top judiciary jobs

With counting still underway, ERC again wins in Catalonia with 13 seats, with far-left CUP entering Spain's Congress for first time with 2 MPs

Quim Torra admits he "disobeyed" but says official instruction to take down symbols supporting jailed leaders was "illegal" and contravened freedom of expression


The Catalan superstar Rosalía when receiving one of her Latin Grammys on November 15, 2019 (by Reuters)

Rosalía's star keeps rising with two Grammy nominations

Less than a week after winning five Latin Grammys, the Catalan superstar will now vie for two...
The Catalan superstar Rosalía when receiving one of her Latin Grammys on November 15, 2019 (by Reuters)

Rosalía reigns supreme at Latin Grammys with five awards

Her album won four prizes, whilst her smash hit 'Con altura' also scooped up an award 


Image of the moment when a new Michelin star was awarded to Angle restaurant, on November 20, 2019

Catalan chef Jordi Cruz wins new Michelin star

Restaurants awarded include Angle, Aürt, Deliranto, and Cinc Sentits
The tiles replaced damage from the street riots (by Cillian Shields)

Street artist Ememem gives makeover to roads damaged from riot

The artist replaced tiles removed in the protests across Barcelona with multicolored displays
Cirque du Soleil acrobats at Gaudí's Casa Batlló in Barcelona (by Cristina Tomàs White)

Cirque du Soleil's 'Messi 10' acrobats perform at Gaudí's Casa Batlló

Canadian circus company's show will be on in Barcelona until January 2020 before world tour


Marc and Àlex Márquez celebrate Moto2 win in Malaysia (by Lai Seng Sin/Reuters)

Cervera native Àlex Márquez wins Moto2 title in Malaysia

Catalan rider makes history winning title same year as brother Marc Márquez's 6th MotoGP
93% of AFE members voted for the strike last week in Madrid (by AFE)

Why are female footballers going on strike in Spain's top league?

More than 90% of voting players backed the strike, which will be the first in women’s soccer in...