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Qatar Airways to appear on FC Barcelona's shirt from 2013/14 season

November 16, 2012 07:08 PM | CNA

The contract signed by Qatar Sports Investment and FC Barcelona foresaw the possibility of including a new sponsor on the shirt of the club’s football first team from the third season of the agreement. FC Barcelona’s President Sandro Rosell has welcomed Qatar Airways, “an ambitious brand with global aspirations, always commitment to the utmost excellence in its field.” The Qatar Foundation now becomes FC Barcelona’s Official Human Development Partner, which “will allow them to continue promoting their shared values”, states the Catalan club.

Messi after receiving his second Golden Boot: “My dream is to be a Barça player when I retire”

October 29, 2012 08:12 PM | CNA

Beyond awards, individual or otherwise, for Leo Messi the “most important thing is that I continue to grow at Barça and I’d like to continue growing until the end”. The world’ number one player received this Monday in Barcelona his second Golden Boot, recognising him as last season’s top scorer in European leagues. Besides, 5 FC Barcelona players – Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué and Busquets – are among the 23 candidates for the next FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

The massive presence of Catalan independence flags at FC Barcelona’s stadium annoys Spanish nationalists

October 9, 2012 12:54 AM | CNA

The Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, states that the claim for Catalonia’s independence during the last FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid Clásico football game “damages Spain’s brand”. On the contrary, the Catalan President, Artur Mas, praised the demonstration for its peaceful and democratic nature, and for “projecting our identity to the world”. Furthermore, the Spokesperson for the Catalan Government, Francesc Homs, considered García-Margallo’s statements to be “undemocratic” for not accepting “the free and democratic expression of the people at Camp Nou”. Thousands of Catalan independence flags were shown at the match – many more than in any other game ever. Furthermore, on several occasions, a large part of the stadium shouted pro-independence chants.

Quit smoking with Barça and the European Commission

September 18, 2012 08:07 PM | CNA

FC Barcelona and the European Commission join forces to help millions of Europeans to give up smoking. The campaign aims at helping 28 million people giving up tobacco. “With this joint action, we aim to help football fans all over Europe to retake control over their health and their lives, encouraging them to be as passionate and committed to their own health as they are to good football” explained FC Barcelona’s President, Sandro Rosell.

FC Barcelona budgets a €35.9 million profit for the 2012/13 season

September 4, 2012 07:46 PM | Roger Bogunyà

Board member Toni Freixa announced that FC Barcelona has forecast income of €470 million and outgoings of €427.9 million for the coming year. Therefore, the Catalan club would end the current season with a profit of €35.9 million. The 2011/12 season closed with record profits of €48.8 million against a forecast of €21 million. Besides, the Board will ask the members’ delegates at the club’s assembly to authorise the calling of a referendum on the project relating to the future of the Camp Nou.

Dídac Lee: “Barça must be number one in everything, be it football, basket or new technologies.”

March 1, 2012 09:26 PM | Marina Vicens

Dídac Lee is on the FC Barcelona Board of Directors, charged with managing New Technologies. In an exclusive interview with CNA, Lee considers that it is vital for FC Barcelona to be close to the fans, and social networks are the key to reaching this goal. Thanks to Lee, Barça is now the leading sports club in the field. Lee is a renowned Catalan entrepreneur and the Chinese work culture ethos has influenced him both in his life and work.