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Co-director of La Fura dels Baus: "Dramatising our own death could be the next move for us"

April 14, 2015 05:16 PM | Mar Fayos

Carlus Padrissa is the most active of the current artistic directors of the La Fura dels Baus, one of the most well-known Catalan theatre performing arts companies, internationally known for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics. Always looking to break the barrier between the audience and the artists, La Fura puts their focus on interaction mixed with traditional cultural elements of Catalan street celebrations. Pieces such as ‘Actions’, ‘Suz/O/Suz’ and ‘Tier Mon’ established them as innovative creators for both critics and spectators alike in the 1980s. Carlus Padrissa cannot escape from his vocation: the ambition of breaking conventions and renewing cultural contexts while redefining concepts. Now in his 50s, he is working more than ever without limitations. As long as he keeps creating, retirement isn’t part of his future plans.

David Verdaguer, award-winning star of ‘10,000km’: “Theatre is my wife, and cinema is my lover”

April 10, 2015 08:56 PM | Marta Castillo / Georgina Garriga

The Catalan actor David Verdaguer, known for his comic roles in Catalan TV programmes such as ‘APM’ and ‘Crackòvia’, has recently received the Gaudí Award in the best actor category for his leading role in ‘10,000km’, directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet. After the success of the film, Carlos Marqués is planning a new project to be filmed in London with a supporting role for Verdaguer. Deeply dedicated to theatre, David Verdaguer has just performed in the play ‘El somni Americà’ at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.

Temporada Alta Festival Director: "If Catalonia was one big city, Girona would be its theatre quarter"

March 24, 2015 10:26 PM | Mar Fayos

Salvador Sunyer, Director of the theatre festival Temporada Alta, is a great example of what defines an entrepreneur. He created the company ‘Bitò Produccions’ in Girona in 1992 along with two professional local actors who wanted to stimulate theatrical activities in the city. They immediately planned the creation of a new festival called the ‘Temporada Alta’ 24 years ago as a short cycle based on premieres, but it has grown at such a great speed that they have achieved a 90% occupancy rate every year since 2000. Last year they sold 94% of all tickets. Without a doubt, the Festival has become a point of reference in the sector, considered by experts as the best festival in Spain in terms of quality and pioneering spirit. For this reason, in 2010, Sunyer received Catalonia's National Theatral Award. Sunyer works hard to bring to Girona the greatest artists from the international scene as well as being a platform for presenting new local talents

La Fura dels Baus adapts Manuel de Falla’s ‘The Bewitched Love’ a century after its debut

February 13, 2015 10:34 PM | ACN / Mar Fayos

‘The Bewitched Love’, a well-known musical piece composed by Manuel de Falla celebrates a century on stage this year. Catalan theatrical company La Fura dels Baus, world-reknown for their innovative, provocative and technological creations, is commemorating the anniversary by preparing a musical performance which includes flamenco dance, fire and water as part of the play. The show is going to be called ‘El amor brujo: el fuego y la palabra’ [The Bewitched Love: the fire and the word], and will premiere on 10 July in Granada before travelling to the Castell de Peralada International Festival in Girona. 

Top Catalan actress Núria Espert plays King Lear in its adaptation at Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure

January 19, 2015 07:55 PM | ACN / Georgina Garriga

Núria Espert, one of the most international and widely recognised theatre actresses in Catalonia, has taken on the role of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ at the age of 79. This challenging project also means her return to the Catalan theatre scene after spending the last few years working on the Spanish stage. Lluís Pascual, the Director of the Catalan theatrical adaptation, justified the decision, stating “the best candidate to play King Lear was an actress, not an actor”. This Catalan version of ‘King Lear’ will be running until February 25th at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.

Girona's Temporada Alta Festival to stage African version of 'Macbeth' and solo-performance of Catalan classic 'Lowlands'

August 8, 2014 03:42 PM | ACN

The renowned performing arts festival Temporada Alta has revealed the first big names for its 23rd edition, which will take place in the cities of Girona and Salt (north-eastern Catalonia), from the 3rd of October until the 8th of December. The headliner on the international scene this year is MacbETH, an adaptation by Brett Bailey of Verdi’s opera relocated in the centre of post-colonial Africa and sang by twelve African voices. Pau Miró's adaptation of Angel Guimerà's Catalan classic Terra Baixa (Lowlands) in a solo-performance by the actor Lluís Homar and the play Ruz-Bárcenas, based on the 2013 corruption scandal involving the People's Party (PP), are also amongst the more than 90 shows that will perform in this festival that is a springboard for fresh talent.

Barcelona's performing arts summer festival Grec attracts 80,000 spectators, filling 58% of the potential capacity

August 1, 2014 08:56 PM | ACN

This year's edition of Barcelona's performing arts summer festival, Grec, attracted around 80,000 spectators and achieved a 58.15% capacity utilisation in the shows which require payment. According to provisional statistics, taken before the event was over, for the 79 shows that made up the summer festival there were 136,291 seats available and 67,623 tickets were sold, filling 49.61% of the potential capacity. However, overall there was total of 79,254 spectators. Last year 66,466 people attended the shows which required payment and 55,766 tickets were sold. The total number of spectators who attended the festival this year, both paying customers and those who went to free shows, amounted to 127,471 people, whilst in 2013 there were 119,000 individuals.

The Teatre Lliure posts its highest attendance figures in 2013

February 5, 2014 08:37 PM | ACN / Guillem Jané Casals

A total of 92,833 spectators attended the Teatre Lliure during 2013. This is the best figure registered by the Catalan theater venue in its history and led to €1,151,594 in revenue. The occupation rate reaches 73.2%, the same as last year.  The Teatre Lliure has two venues: one in Montjuïc and the other in Gràcia. The first one is the largest one and registered 62,893 spectators with a 69.2% seat occupation rate. The Gràcia venue posted 30,140 spectators for an 84.9% occupation rate. ‘Els feréstecs’ (The Wild) was the most popular show.

Catalan Theatre’s ‘carrot rebellion’ discussed at a congress in New York

January 14, 2014 01:39 PM | ACN

During the Congress of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) in New York, the managers of the Bescanó Theatre (Northern Catalonia) will discuss their peculiar protest against the Spanish Government’s VAT increase on cultural products from 8% to 21%. In November 2012, instead of selling traditional tickets at a higher price or lowering their profit margin, the Bescanó Theatre managers decided to sell carrots to their audience, due to the lower VAT on fresh food. Spectators bought carrots for a price equal to the usual entrance fee and were gifted a theatre ticket in exchange. This ‘carrot rebellion’ as well as the “devastating” consequences of the VAT increase on the performing arts in Spain will be addressed on the 15th of January.

Barcelona to hold a New Year’s Eve celebration in Montjuïc

December 5, 2013 07:36 PM | ACN

As many other cities around the globe, the Catalan capital will end the year with a vibrant street party for the first time ever. The tradition will start in 2013 and it is aiming to become a significant tourist attraction. New Year’s Eve celebrations will be “out of the ordinary”, stated the President of Barcelona’s Tourism Board, Joan Gaspart, during the presentation of the event. “Barcelona deserves, along with the numerous events it hosts each year, to hold something special for the last day of the year, just like many other cities in the world”, he added. The celebrations will be held at Maria Cristina Avenue, in front of Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain. Catalan theatre group ‘La Fura dels Baus’ will be in charge of the staging, featuring an impressive 15-meter-tall human figure.

Stage Director Lluís Pasqual, big winner of Catalan Theatre ‘Oscars’

December 4, 2013 07:13 PM | ACN / Pere Francesch / Pau Cortina

The ‘Butaca’ Awards have recognised the best Catalan Theatre performed during the 2012/2013 season. Lluís Pasqual, the Director of Barcelona's Lliure Theatre, has been awarded Best Director for his reinterpretation of Carlo Goldini’s The Boors comedy. The play was just as acclaimed as its Director, winning 5 of the 8 prizes it was competing for, including Best Show. Contemporary plays such as Smiley and Barcelona were also distinguished, winning 3 awards each. Albert Triola was presented the Best Actor Award for his part in Smiley while Emma Vilarassau won Best Actress for Barcelona. Famous Actress Rosa Maria Sardà received the honorary award in acknowledgment of her career.

Catalonia’s National Theatre closes its third auditorium for two years due to budget cuts

January 25, 2013 11:10 PM | CNA / Pau Cortina / Margalida Amengual

Despite having a balanced budget in 2012, the National Theatre of Catalonia has decided to close the most alternative auditorium of the three it has since it will have smaller funds in 2013. The theatre expects a reduction in the occupancy rate due to the economic recession and therefore selling fewer tickets, resulting in a 28% reduction in its own resources. The institution has readjusted the 2012/2013 season by cancelling the spectacle ‘Panorama’ by Philippe Decouflé and by eliminating 70 performances of other plays in the other theatre rooms.

Catalan La Fura dels Baus to premiere Verdi’s ‘A Masked Ball’ in Sydney

January 14, 2013 09:49 PM | CNA

The Catalan theatre company, famous for its idiosyncratic style, will unveil its own particular vision of the opera classic ‘Un ballo in maschera’ by Giuseppe Verdi in Australia, which will be performed from the 16th of January to the 12th of February. Then the troupe will move its show to Brussels, Oslo and Buenos Aires. The Catalan group, started in the late 1970s, is famous for other opera adaptations including Wagner’s ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’, Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, George Enescu’s ‘Oedipe’ and György Ligeti’s ‘Le Grand Macabre’, all of them having toured worldwide. In fact, with the latest two titles and now ‘Un ballo in maschera’, La Fura dels Baus will be returning to Brussels’ La Monnaie Theatre for their third time in four years.