catalan theatre

A satirical musical in Barcelona portrays the Spanish royal family

October 5, 2012 03:47 PM | CNA / Margalida Amengual / David Dotú

Based on a popular political satirical TV show of the Catalan Public Television Broadcaster, the veteran musical theatre company Dagoll Dagom presents ‘La Família Irreal’ (The Unroyal/Unreal Family). “It is a satire, a parody and a big joke […] about the Royal Family and the system that supports it”, explained Joan Lluís Bozzo, the show’s director. The musical is based on real events, such as elephant-hunting safaris, and it is portrayed by the same actors in the TV show ‘Polònia’. The Spanish King, the Queen, the Crown Prince, the Princess, the Infantas and their husbands will be singing 30 songs.

Catalonia’s Shakespeare Festival returns after its cancellation in 2011 due to the crisis

September 5, 2012 11:18 PM | CNA / Laura Quintana

After one year without the Shakespeare Festival, it has now returned. However, it will take place in a new place and with a new partner: La Perla 29, the theatre production company which is directed by Oriol Broggi. The festival will move from the coastal town of Mataró to Barcelona. The event will take place in spring 2013 in the Biblioteca de Catalunya (Catalonia’s National Library), in the city centre. As the event was unexpectedly cancelled last year, this new edition focuses on the adaptation of the festival to the economic crisis and aims to be projected to Europe and worldwide.

Catalan art industries united against tax rise on culture

July 18, 2012 10:19 PM | CNA

The Minister of Culture, Ferran Mascarell, met in Parliament with representatives from the Catalan cultural sector. In the meeting they discussed how unpopular the new VAT increase is within the cultural sector in Catalonia. Mascarell sent a letter to Spanish Finance Minister, Cristóbal Montoro and Spanish Culture Minister, José Ignacio Wert representing the cultural sector on this issue. The president of the Employers Association of Catalan Cinema, Camilo Tarrazón, said after the meeting "Spain will be the only state to have culture as a luxury good".

Theatre masters Flotats and Espert relive drama of exiled Catalan intellectuals through their letters

January 24, 2012 06:13 PM | CNA / Marina Puy

‘L’exili’ (The Exile) is part of Barcelona-based Teatre Lliure’s series “Cartes lliures” (Free Letters) directed by Pau Carrió. The series focuses on the correspondence of Catalan intellectuals, and each “chapter” has a theme. The veteran theatre actors Núria Espert and Josep Maria Flotats, who are considered to be two of the best actors in Catalonia, perform in that focusing on the exile. They read on stage the letters of intellectuals who were obliged to leave Catalonia because of the Spanish Civil War.

A musical myth of Persephone illustrates the rebirth of Catalan troupe Comediants

December 15, 2011 09:15 PM | CNA / Sara Gómez

The Catalan theatre group Comediants, famous for its magical performance at the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics, simulate their rebirth through the myth of Persephone. Faithful to some of the elements that have characterised the group’s trajectory, for the first time they play a musical. Persèfone encourages the audience to travel between life and death together with extravagant characters and fears.

The Catalan troupe La Fura dels Baus covers Brussels Opera House “in mud” for their newest release ‘Oedipe’

October 20, 2011 09:22 PM | CNA / Laura Pous

Georges Enescu’s opera Oedipe will start its run next Saturday at a Belgian Opera House. It is a new challenge for La Fura del Baus, who was handed the task by Brussel’s La Monnaie–De Munt’s director after the great success of Le grand Macabre in 2009. Alex Ollé, director of the Catalan theatre company, explained CAN the troupe’s interest in this type of spectacle that is “equally or even more interesting than theatre”.

Iconoclasts La Fura dels Baus revisit Catalan theatre’s classic

August 23, 2011 04:08 PM | CNA

The Catalan theatre group, internationally famous for their technological, forceful and unusual settings, is preparing their vision of ‘Terra Baixa’, a rural drama from the lat 19th century, written by the naturalist and realist Angel Guimerà. From its first performance in 1896 the play was a great success, even at international level, inspiring operas and movies. In ‘Terra Baixa Reload’ virtual actors appearing on three giant screens interact with the actors on the stage. It was premiered in Catalonia’s National Library.