Ada Colau calls on voters to concentrate the 'progressive vote' in her party

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias hails Ada Colau’s Barcelona as the example for “when we govern”

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias (left) with the Barcelona mayor Ada Colau (centre). Photo: Nazaret Romero
Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias (left) with the Barcelona mayor Ada Colau (centre). Photo: Nazaret Romero / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

May 11, 2019 04:59 PM

Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona up for re-election in the upcoming local elections, has called on voters to make her party, BComú, the choice of the "progressive vote," so that there may she may maintain mayorship and ensure a "progressive government" in the city. 

In an election rally today in Barcelona, she also reminded Esquerra Republicana, who won most seats in Catalonia in the recent general election, to "remember that it is left-wing." 

Only if BComú gets more councilors than in the previous elections, Colau said, will the be able "to convince" the Socialists not to make a pact with the platform led by Manuel Valls, Change-Citizens.

In addition, Colau has called on the Socialists to form a progressive government in Spain as her party "loaned" many votes to the Socialists in the recent general election, she warned.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Spanish Podemos party and allies with Colau's BComú, Pablo Iglesias, heralded Ada’s Colau’s tenure as mayor of Barcelona as an example of what his party "must do" when he is in the Spanish government.

Iglesias was also present at the campaign event in Nou Barris in Barcelona and insisted that they "will work" to enter a government with the Socialists of Pedro Sánchez, urging voters for another "push" so that in the local elections on May 26, "they can achieve it."

Overall, Iglesias acknowledged that they should "negotiate while being aware" of the "weight" they have, after the party lost 29 seats in the recent Spanish general election. 

During the election rally, the general secretary of Podemos claimed that Colau has become a "government guarantee" for his mandate "with policies such as the increase of social investment or the dentist and the municipal electricity.