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The Catalan Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Roger Albinyana (by ACN)

27 August 2015 08:38 PM

Catalan Foreign Affairs Secretary appears before Uruguayan Parliament amid “pressure” from Spain

Roger Albinyana was invited to attend a meeting of the Commission of International Affairs of the Latin American country to discuss the independence process in Catalonia, the reasons behind it and what could happen after the 27th of September...
The Catalan President, Artur Mas, in a recent picture with Government spokeswoman Neus Munté (by ACN)

26 August 2015 08:23 PM

Mas’ appearance before Parliament over 27-S election causes row with opposition

Opposition parties have accused the Catalan President of trying to use the chamber for “electoral purposes”, and the PPC has already rejected attending the debate. Artur Mas will address Parliament “probably” on the 2nd of September, just...
The Catalan government spokeswoman, Neus Munté, during the press conference (by ACN)

25 August 2015 06:45 PM

Spanish budget proposal is “disappointing”, says Catalan Government

The proportion of investment earmarked for Catalonia in next year’s Spanish budget will be 10.7% of the total, a figure that the Catalan government spokeswoman, Neus Munté, considers totally insufficient. “It is far from the 19.8% Catalan...
A Catalan independence flag next to a European Union one, in the last massive demonstration for independence (by A. Moldes)

21 August 2015 06:58 PM

EU would negotiate with an independent Catalonia to avoid “the collapse of the euro”, says Catalan diplomat

The Secretary General of the Diplocat, Albert Royo, expects the European Union and Spain to embark on discussions about Catalonia’s independence and its membership of the EU and the Eurozone if pro-independence groups win a “democratic...
Francesc Homs this Monday at the Catalan Summer University (by A. Recolons)

17 August 2015 09:41 PM

Constitutional reform will not be discussed by main Catalan parties unless self-determination is included

The Catalan Minister for the Presidency, Francesc Homs, has stated that they are "sceptical" about the constitutional reform that the Spanish Prime Minister and leader of the People's Party (PP), Mariano Rajoy, is starting to consider. The...

From left to right: Ernest Benach, Joan Rigol and Núria de Gispert (by R. Garrido)

10 August 2015 11:12 PM

Last 3 Catalan Parliament Presidents and coach Pep Guardiola to symbolically close pro-independence unitary list

The pro-independence cross-party list for the forthcoming 27 September Catalan elections, which will be transformed into a ‘de facto’ plebiscite on independence, will be symbolically closed by the last 3 Presidents of the Catalan...

The Spanish Parliament, a few months ago (by ACN)

10 August 2015 10:57 PM

Spanish Socialist Party will not support specific fiscal agreement for Catalonia

The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) closed the door Monday on supporting a hypothetical specific economic agreement between Catalonia and Spain, similar to the specific fiscal pact already in existence for the Basque Country, which would...

The Spanish Minister for Justice, Rafael Català, a few days ago (by R. Pi de Cabanyes)

07 August 2015 07:50 PM

Spanish Government suggests limited constitutional reform to strengthen its own powers but not Catalonia's

The Spanish Minister of Justice, Rafael Català, proposed this week "to study a constitutional reform" that is very far from making any concession to Catalan claims and meet them halfway. In fact, it seems that the Spanish Government's...

The Catalan President, Artur Mas, addressing the press on Tuesday (by R. Garrido)

04 August 2015 11:25 PM

“We are acting in legitimate defence against systematic attacks” on self-rule, says Catalan President

The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, has stated that the independence process will be officially launched if pro-independence parties obtain an absolute majority of the MPs elected in the forthcoming Catalan Parliament elections,...

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