'They are trying to give us fear and stop our mobilisation' - ANC head

Òmnium vice president accuses Spanish king of acting 'irresponsibly'

ACN | Madrid

February 21, 2019 01:50 PM

Elisenda Paluzie accused the Spanish state of attempting to instill “fear” in Catalan pro-independence supporters, and said that the prosecutor has put her organisation, the Catalan National Assembly, at the centre of the trial.

“They are trying to criminalize pacifists and democratic expressions of civil society mobilization,” Paluzie said in an interview with Catalan News. Speaking on the morning of the day her predecessor, Jordi Sànchez, faced trial, she described it as “a hard day.”

The Catalan National Assembly is a political activism group that seeks the independence of Catalonia and boasts thousands of paying members and volunteers.

Elsewhere Marcel Mauri, the vice president of Òmnium, whose president Jordi Cuixart testifies on Thursday, criticized the King of Spain for his messages to an international congress this week. Without making specific reference to the Catalan trial, King Felipe VI  said that “it’s unacceptable to launch a so-called democracy that is above the law.”

Mauri said: “He is not doing what he should be doing according to the Constitution. We see it as an irresponsibility that [the king] has this sort of attitude.

Marta Vilalta, a spokesperson for Esquerra Republicana, also reacted to the king's address, saying that the referendum was “legal and legitimate."

Also on Thursday morning, the Junts per Catalunya group parliamentary spokesperson Eduard Pujol criticized the “outrageous” manner in which the Supreme Court continued session until three and a half hours later than the provisionally scheduled finishing time last night.