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Santi Santamaria’s daughter in charge of her father’s restaurants

The Catalan chef Santi Santamaria, whose restaurant ‘Can Fabes’ has been awarded three Michelin stars uninterruptedly since 1994, died last February in Singapore, when he was unveiling his new restaurant ‘Santi’. At the time, Santi Santamaria had 7 Michelin stars, being one of the most lauded chefs in the world. Regina Santamaria, aged 25, will follow in her father’s footsteps and take charge of the four restaurants the family has in Sant Celoni (half way between Barcelona and Girona), Barcelona, Madrid and Singapore.


19 September 2011 02:31 PM



Sant Celoni (ACN).- Santi Santamaria\u2019s daughter, Regina Santamaria, will direct and coordinate the family\u2019s restaurants and the different teams after the death of one of the greatest Catalan chefs of all time. Santi Santamaria was one of Catalonia's greatest chefs, with a total of seven Michelin stars, three of them for his restaurant in Sant Celoni \u2018Can Fabes\u2019, which has held the guide\u2019s top distinction since 1994. Santi Santamaria died from a heart attack in Singapore last February 11th, when he was presenting to a group of journalists the restaurant he had opened in the Asian city, called \u2018Santi\u2019. This restaurant was supposed to be led by his daughter Regina, but his death altered the plans. Now, Regina Santamaria will follow in her father\u2019s footsteps and direct the four restaurants the family owns. She told this news to ACN.

Regina Santamaria, 25 years old, said she faces the new period \u201Cwith a lot of hope\u201D and wants \u201Cto maintain the house\u2019s level of quality\u201D. She explained that her role from now on will be to coordinate the different teams of cooks and waiters of the four restaurants the family keeps: \u2018Can Fabes\u2019 in Sant Celoni (around 50 kilometres north of Barcelona, halfway to Girona), \u2018Evo\u2019 in L\u2019Hospitalet de Llobregat (next to Barcelona), \u2018Santceloni\u2019 in Madrid, and \u2018Santi\u2019 in Singapore. Next to her will be her mother and Santi Santamaria\u2019s wife, Angels Serra, \u201Cwho knows this house better than anyone\u201D, Regina Santamaria added.

Since Santi Santamaria\u2019s death last February 11th, \u2018Can Fabes\u2019 only closed its doors on one single day. Regina Santamaria is proud of this, \u201Cwe have shown we are here\u201D and that \u201Cwe want to continue my father\u2019s work\u201D. She has waited these past months to take the lead as the great cook died suddenly aged 53 years old from a heart attack, and she needed some time to see how things worked. However, since the restaurants did not close, she was already somehow coordinating the teams.

Regina Santamaria had to direct the family\u2019s restaurant in Singapore, called \u2018Santi\u2019. Now she says she will travel quite often to the Asian city, although she will live in Sant Celoni, where the family\u2019s first restaurant \u2018Can Fabes\u2019 is located. Regina Santamaria told ACN that the different chefs of each of the restaurants will have more of a presence in the restaurants\u2019 menus, giving each restaurant its own personality.

Santi Santamaria had 7 Michelin stars

\u2018El Racó de Can Fabes\u2019, which changed its name to \u2018Can Fabes\u2019, has never lost the 3 stars since then and Santi Santamaria increased its constellation with 2 stars for his restaurant \u2018Santceloni\u2019 in Madrid, 1 for \u2018Tierra\u2019 next to Toledo, and 1 for \u2018Evo\u2019, close to Barcelona\u2019s airport. Santamaria opened a restaurant in Dubai called \u2018Ossiano\u2019, located on the palm-tree-sized artificial surface, and another one in Singapore, called \u2018Santi\u2019. This last one was supposed to be led by his daughter, but Santi Santamaria\u2019s death altered the plans.


  • Regina Santamaria (left) and her mother Angels Serra (right) (by ACN)

  • Regina Santamaria (left) and her mother Angels Serra (right) (by ACN)