Desigual, one of the highlights of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

The second day of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week gathered together young designers and big brands. Desigual closed out the day, as Mango did on Monday, by showing its exclusive menswear collection. Kristina Pimenova, the 9 year old girl named as the most beautiful child in the world, failed to appear on the catwalk due to bureaucratic problems. Sporting looks combined with wool and silk were the dominant styles of the day. Not only did politicians, actors and Spanish celebrities descend upon the event, but also bloggers and instagrammers who now have a reserved seat at the shows. 

Txell Miras' catwalk at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week (by A. Sánchez Aragón)
Txell Miras' catwalk at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week (by A. Sánchez Aragón) / Àlex S. Aragón / Harneet Bahal

Àlex S. Aragón / Harneet Bahal

February 5, 2015 12:24 AM

Barcelona (ACN).- Another day of glamour came to an end as the second day of 080 Barcelona Fashion week was dominated by Desigual, which surpassed expectations by ending the day with a lively and quirky showcasing of their collection. A major talking point was the absence on the catwalk of Kristina Pimenova, the 9 year old girl named as the most beautiful child in the world, due to bureaucratic problems. Amongst the myriad of styles on display, sporting looks combined with wool and silk were the most dominant of the day. As well as politicians, actors and celebrities, now even bloggers and instagrammers have a reserved seat at the shows, displaying the importance of social media in the fashion sphere. The second day of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week witnessed the showcasing of major fashion house names such as Sita Murt, TCN and Josep Abril to name but a few, with Desigual drawing the busy day to an end.


Barcelona-based Desigual brings unique perspective to catwalk

There was an inherent message in Desigual’s menswear collection for autumn and winter: take chances. The fresh and original brand showcased a collection which featured a dash of colourful plaid, stripes, and prints that perfectly captured the brand’s fun and quirky style.

The amazing energising effect of the fashion show complemented the exploding palate of the brand’s ‘Yes’ collection. Apart from the classic pouts given at the end of the catwalk, some models even took to dancing along to the vibrant soundtrack. The looks of the Desigual A/W 2015 collection started with winter prints and classic Welsh plaid, the prints used for which are matchless and exquisite.

After being in the business for 31 years, Desigual continues to find new ways to reinvent the brand and it seems as though this year they have drawn inspiration from the man in an urban jungle who prefers the streets to the catwalk.

From coats to trousers, these were clothes to be worn by the everyday man who is sporty and is looking for a little eccentricity in his daily attire. It was without a doubt the most anticipated show, as international models such as Andrés Velencoso hit the catwalk.

Kristina Pimenova missing from the catwalk

The day commenced with two important brands in fashion for kids: CND by Cóndor and Bóboli. But, there was a name that stood out amongst the others: Kristina Pimenova, the nine year old Russian child already named as “the prettiest girl in the world”. She was meant to hit the catwalk for CND, but a missing document impeded her from doing so. The young model watched the catwalk from the stands, posing for the photo calls like a professional. After the show, she could be seen playing with her friends in the press zone like any other kid her age.

Taking advantage of recycled material

“I wanted to reuse all the stuff that I am used to working with: cardboard patterns, the boxes to send our outfits, clothing rolls piled on tables…” And that’s what could be seen on Txell Miras’ catwalk: dresses made of cardboard. The young Catalan designer has had her own business since 2004 and was included in the book ‘100 New Fashion Designers’, which gathers new talents. “We designed 5 different looks that played out the core idea and that will inspire the whole collection, making it moderate and minimalist”, said Miras. Not only were the outfits futuristic and spectacular, but the music also played a vital role. The catwalk began with the sound of a deep breath, which transcended the audience into a different atmosphere.

Lebor Gabala

That’s the name behind Maite Muñoz, a Spanish designer who, after years in Ibiza, decided to start a new business in Barcelona. It was first conceived as a collection focused on knitwear, after which it grew immeasurably. Cotton and silk mixed with sporting garments prevailed throughout the show, but psychedelic and pixelated patterns were another strong point of the catwalk. 

TCN, one of the most applauded catwalks

Silk dresses mixed with white Nike sneakers. This could be seen as the most quirky combination from the Totón Comella collection. Her stores are in fashion capitals the world over, establishing it as a model brand. This time, the designer bet on a Parisian influence by combining blue, green and ochre colours.  True to the brand’s style, plain outfits prevailed among gaudy ones, but there was a common denominator along the exhibition: white sneakers and white socks. Even the models showing lingerie wore them.

Instagram: the new tool that fits the audience

Grandstands used to be reserved for celebrities or fashion designers, but a new concept is taking over the first row seats on the catwalks: instagrammers. They used to be bloggers, but with this social photo-sharing tool, they could not be more pertinent to the fashion sphere in today’s time. During the TCN show, Alex Riviere, a fashion blogger who has more than 16 thousand followers on Instagram, affirmed that “the most important thing is being authentic and not sell yourself to big brands, even though they pay you thousands of euros for sharing a photo. It has no merit, but surprisingly it has become a new way of finding new talent”.

Live photoshoot held by Ruven Afanador

Amongst the fashion shows of the day, there was a live photoshoot by renowned Barcelona photographer, Ruven Afanador. Set to the backdrop of the Maritime Museum, actress and international icon, Rossy de Palma was the subject of the photoshoot. The purpose of holding a live photoshoot was to give the public a glimpse into the proceedings that take place in a professional photoshoot and how the stylists, photographers and models perform at such an event.

Miriam Ponsa

Miriam Ponsa kicked off the latter half of the day by showing a collection of wool, silk and cotton with khaki, grey and black being the predominant colours. Her collection was based on the cold winter of 1939 when families in France were forced out of the country, and was aptly named ‘Exile’. The collection featured heavy symbolism of the grief and suffering endured by all those exiled men and women.

Josep Abril

For A/W 2015, Josep Abril’s men zipped down the runway in shades of dark grey, navy blue, khaki and black, all styled with a sharp tailored twist. His collection was named ‘The Invisible’ and the idea behind this classic collection came from a patina, which is white like a void of silence.

Sita Murt

One of the highlights of the second day of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week was the late Sita Murt’s timeless collection. Her A/W 2015 pieces were heavily inspired by masculine looks, which lent a subtle vibe of sexiness. Incorporating a mix of natural tones with brushstrokes of electric blue, each piece of Sita Murt’s collection was beautifully styled with a hint of a British touch.