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What are the latest Covid-19 measures in Catalonia?

New restrictions from January 7 including a ban on travel outside one's town of residence


25 January 2021 09:52 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Faced with the ever-present threat of the pandemic, the Catalan government has announced a series of measures in an effort to halt the spread of the virus, including a tightening of restrictions across Catalonia between January 7 and 17, and extended until February 7

Authorities have called on people to limit social interactions and to avoid travel beyond their towns or cities of residence, as well as to work from home when possible. Face masks continue to be compulsory in public spaces, with very few exceptions like practicing sports.

Here is the Catalan News guide to the measures in place. 

Last updated January 20, 2021, at 11:06 

Measures in force  

Bars and restaurants. From December 21 bars and restaurants can only open indoor and outdoor seating areas to the public from 7:30am to 9:30am and from 1pm to 3:30pm.  

Establishments can only accommodate 30% of their regular capacity indoors while there are no limits placed on outdoor seating. Inside, only up to four people can sit at each table, except for 6 people on holidays. Everyone must wear a face mask when not eating or drinking.  

Take away can be provided from 7pm to 10pm for dinner, with delivery services until 11pm, but dining areas must remain shut. Hotel restaurants, however, are allowed to serve their guests dinner. 

In-person dining hours do not apply to bars and restaurants located at highway rest stops, but those inside shopping malls cannot open all.  

Mobility. From January 7 people are not allowed to leave their municipality of residence without a justified reason, including work, study, returning home, going to health centers, care of dependent relatives, demonstrating and force majeure. Travel for work is only allowed when remote working is not possible.   

Sporting activities can be carried out in surrounding towns.  

CurfewPeople must remain home between 10pm and 6am except for justifiable reasons 

Gatherings. From January 7 groups of up to six people from two bubbles may meet up.  

Closed borders. Catalonia's land borders will remain shut, with exceptions for health emergencies, commuting to and from work or school, and to take care of dependent relatives. 

Gyms and sports centers. From January 7 indoor gyms and sports facilities must close. Swimming pools can open to 30% capacity. Outdoor sporting activity is allowed with a maximum of six people.  

Stores. From January 7 shopping malls and shops greater than 400 m2 must shut. Smaller shops can open Monday to Friday to 30% capacity. At weekends only essential stores can open. The restriction does not affect vets, hairdressers, beauty salons, gardening services and car dealers, which will be able to open regardless of their size.  

Religious ceremonies. Including weddings or funerals, they have a 30% capacity limit with a maximum of 1,000 people, as long as there is sufficient ventilation and access is controlled, otherwise, the capacity remains at 500. 

Remote work. Strongly advised by Catalan authorities, which companies should implement unless they are unable to do so.  

Public transportationIncluding services such as buses, trains, and the subway, it will continue running as usual. 

Theatres, cinemas, concert hallsOpen at 50% capacity with a maximum cap of 1,000 people, as long as there is sufficient ventilation and access is controlled, otherwise, the capacity remains at 500. 

Museums, galleries, and archives. Can open at 50% capacity. 

Nightlife. Remains shut. 

Amusement parksbingo parlorsprofessional fairs. Closed. 

Post-obligatory education. Will operate remotely when possible, excluding exams and in-person activities. 

Schools. Educational centers, including primary and secondary schools, remain open. The first day of classes after the winter break has been delayed to January 11 

Leisure and after-school activities for children. From January 7 after-school activities may only take place in schools and involving pupils in their usual school groups only.  

Public playgrounds. Open until 8pm, to 50% capacity only.  

24/7 stores. Must close by 9pm.  

Gas stationsFood and beverages can no longer be consumed on-premises, including outdoor terraces.  

Community centersIn-person activities are canceled, except for some essential social and educational services. 

Parks and gardens. They must be closed by 8pm. 


  • A terrace in Tarragona, on the day bar and restaurant closures were announced, October 14, 2020 (Eloi Tost)

  • A terrace in Tarragona, on the day bar and restaurant closures were announced, October 14, 2020 (Eloi Tost)