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What are the latest Covid-19 measures in Catalonia?

Bars and restaurants close in toughest clampdown since spring


19 October 2020 07:03 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Faced with a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, the government announced on October 14 a new raft of measures across Catalonia, followed by additional restrictions on October 19.

These replaced the patchwork of local restrictions that were in operation over the previous few months.

General measures already in place remained in force, such as the obligatory wearing of face masks, a maximum of six people at social gatherings, and restrictions on smoking in public.

The government also called for people to make an effort to limit their movements and social contacts, avoid travel outside the municipality where they live, and work from home where possible. Universities were asked to move fully to online classes, as had already been agreed.

Here is the Catalan News guide to the measures in place.

Last updated October 19, 2020, at 19:03.

On October 14, the following measures were announced.

Bars, cafes, and restaurants: Open for takeout or delivery only. No eating or drinking on premises, including outside terraces.

Hotels: Only guests allowed to enter. Capacity of communal areas limited to 50%.

Shops, markets, and shopping centers: Capacity limited to 30%.

Sport: Catalan competitions of all kinds suspended, whether federated, schools, or private.

Gyms: Capacity limited to 50%.

Congresses, conventions, and trade fairs: Suspended.

Casinos and bingo halls: Must close.

Theaters, cinemas, concert halls: Capacity limited to 50%, with allocated seating. Premises must close by 11 pm.

Parks and gardens: Must close by 8 pm.

Amusement parks and fairgrounds: Must close.

Religious events: Capacity limited to 50% (on hold pending judicial approval as of October 16, 1 am CET) 

Hairdressers: Can remain open, but any other businesses that involve physical contact must close.

Museums, libraries, and monuments: Can remain open.

Social gatherings: Up to six people can socialize together, but may not eat or drink outside the home. The limit on the number of people gathering doesn't apply to work, public transport, or children's leisure activities.

Workplaces: In general, hygiene measures must be stepped up and start times staggered to avoid crowding.

The new measures will last a minimum of 15 days and from October 16. They were approved by Catalonia's High Court on Friday

On October 19, a number of new measures were announced.

24/7 stores: All-night corner stores must remain closed from 10 pm to 7 am. 

Gas stations: Food and beverages can no longer be consumed on premises, including outdoor terraces. 

Community centers: In-person activities are canceled, except for some essential social and educational services.


  • A terrace in Tarragona, on the day bar and restaurant closures were announced, October 14, 2020 (Eloi Tost)

  • A terrace in Tarragona, on the day bar and restaurant closures were announced, October 14, 2020 (Eloi Tost)