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Catalan director Lluís Pasqual takes “Quitt”, by controversial author Peter Handke, to Barcelona's Lliure Theatre

Catalan actors such as Jordi Bosch, Marta Marco and Jordi Boixaderas will go on stage to represent a “poem which treats and mistreats the spectator”. It tells the story of a businessman who wants to monopolize the world and ends up by taking other businesses to bankruptcy.


17 February 2012 10:12 PM


ACN/ Anna Veciana / Joan Serra Mingot

Barcelona (ACN).- The Lliure Theatre in Montjuic, Barcelona, premiered at the end of January \u201CQuitt, Irresponsible people are in danger of extinction\u201D, a play written by controversial Austrian author Peter Handke, and directed by Lluís Pasqual. The play, featuring Andreu Benito, Jordi Bosch, Jordi Boixaderas, Miriam Iscla, Eduard Fernández, Lluís Marco, Marta Marco and Boris Ruiz, is a \u201Cpoem which treats and mistreats the spectator\u201D, according to Pasqual. The play, which runs through to February 20th, tells the story of a businessman who wants to monopolise the world and ends up by taking other businesses to bankruptcy.

One fine day Herman Quitt, the owner of some top level businesses, goes through a crisis. In a meeting with other businessmen, he proposes the creation of a holding in order to control all the markets and get rid of the rivals, agreeing on join marketing strategies. After a while, the businessmen find out that Quitt does not respect any of the agreements and is ruining them.  Questioned by them, he remains impassive and boasts about how clever he is.

According to Lluís Pasqual, \u201CThe play is like the title. The text has turned the play into a poem about incorrectness, violence, treatment and mistreatment to the spectator. It is a fake play with fake characters, and the actors do not play characters but these words\u201D. Pasqual is convinced that Peter Handke never wanted to be kind.

Pasqual has described the play as black and devious because \u201Cit includes not only the destruction of the drama, but the theatrical character and the madness of capitalism\u201D. Besides, he added that \u201Cit is like an abstract painting, a broken mirror whose pieces of reality are hooked on to each other, and they produce echoes in the viewer\u201D.

Considered as one of the most important writers in German language since Günter Grass, the text by Peter Handke was a premonition of the current economical and social crisis. The struggle for power and the importance of women in the business world are two of the main topics that the author emphasized when he wrote the play. \u201CHe describes women as puppets, they are like a shelter\u201D explained actress Marta Marco.

Parallel activities

Taking advantage of \u201CQuitt\u201D, Lliure Theatre proposed two activities about the play\u2019s topic and its author, Peter Handke, who occupies a place of honour in German-language literature.

On February 8th at 7pm there was a round table with the philosopher, Miguel Morey, the German literature specialist and translator, Eustaquio Barjau and the literary critic, Cecilia Dreymüller, in order to discuss several subjects related to Handke\u2019s political commitment expressed through his work and the writer\u2019s role in our society.

The following week at the same time there was another round table about economics and capitalism from some visionary aspects of Handke\u2019s play. There were also discussions about the current financial situation and the crisis of capitalism in the globalised world.


  • The actors and director of 'Quitt' (by A. Veciana)

  • The actors and director of 'Quitt' (by A. Veciana)