Covid-19 transmission rate surges to 1 again for first time in two weeks

Alongside increase in outbreak risk, rise coincides with beginning of academic year

A man in Sant Joan de les Abadesses being tested for Covid-19 (Source: CatSalut)
A man in Sant Joan de les Abadesses being tested for Covid-19 (Source: CatSalut) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

September 21, 2020 11:16 AM

The Covid-19 transmission rate surged to 1 again on Monday for the first time since September 5. Remaining below one transmission per person diagnosed with the virus is one of the health authorities' aims.

The figure had been above 1 ever since June 23, but the latest measures announced by the government in late August contributed to a downwards trend that peaked on September 16, when the rate was at 0.90.

Yet, coinciding with the first week of the new academic term, this positive trend has been interrupted.

The outbreak risk underwent a similar pattern, with a low on September 16, at 150.91 points, but an upward trend ever since. On Monday it stood at 168, way above the 'high risk' threshold, 100, and approaching the 'very high risk' limit, at 200.

The Madrid region's outbreak risk was at 783 points last week, while the Spanish average was at 358.

The Catalan authorities had expected a surge in cases coinciding with the return to classes. Indeed, during the first week of classes, the number of schools affected by partial closures and quarantines did not stop going up, reaching 87 out of roughly 5,400 last Friday.