PP and Cs turn up criticism of Spanish president Pedro Sánchez

The Socialist leader will now attend televised electoral debates, and reminds opposition that insults are not debates

Pablo Casado at an electoral rally in Pamplona
Pablo Casado at an electoral rally in Pamplona / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

April 19, 2019 07:01 PM

The president of the People’s Party, Pablo Casado, said that the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, "is only right when he amends" previous decisions, and when he does what the opposition asks of him.

The PP leader has referred to the change of criterion of Sánchez, who will finally partake in the electoral debates on Monday, April 22 on TVE, and Tuesday, April 23 on Atresmedia.

Casado said on Friday in an election rally in Pamplona, ​​along with the Navarra coalition Suma, that Sánchez "has been forced to face" the opposition after "generating division" in the Spanish public broadcaster, and that he has "worn out" the institutions.

The leader of the PP has said that finally, Sanchez will have to give explanations about his management and "alliances". Casado has called for the president of the Spanish government to avoid "spectacles" such as the press conferences of Jordi Sànchez (JxCat) and Oriol Junqueras (ERC) from the prison of Soto del Real.

“Debating, not insulting”

For his part, the Socialist leader has assured that he will explain his party’s proposals of "social justice, coexistence, and the fight against corruption" during the debates, and he hoped that PP and Cs "understand that debating is not insulting."

Sánchez was ironic about the hours in which the debates will be held, during protected hours so children would not see, and said that the stations have "done well" not to broadcast during these times, taking into account the statements made by Casado and the leader of Ciutadans, Albert Rivera.

Ciutadans: 'Sánchez trying to torpedo debates'

"Sanchez has done everything possible to avoid attending the debates," claimed Albert Rivera, leader of the unionist Ciutadans party.

Rivera told a crowd that "democracy has finally defeated" Sánchez and that "Spaniards have won, and journalism has too."

The president of Cs has affirmed that Spaniards "deserve candidates who are not afraid" to debate and criticized Sánchez for having tried to "torpedo" the electoral debates.

Ciutadans also asked for the resignation of the provisional administrator of RTVE, Rosa Maria Mateo, for the changes in the date of the electoral debate and has accused the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, of "not having morals."

The secretary general of Cs and candidate in the general election, José Manuel Villegas, called the situation "shameful."