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New 'Filling the Sink' social media profiles launched

Twitter and Facebook accounts of Catalan News podcast coincide with its first anniversary 


02 November 2021 04:09 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Filling the Sink, the Catalan News podcast, has, as of Tuesday, its own profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The launch coincided with the first anniversary of the project – Filling the Sink published its first episode on October 31, 2020, looking at the impact Halloween has had on the Catalan tradition of La Castanyada.

Presented by Lorcan Doherty, the podcast recently reached the 50-episode milestone. The latest episode looks at the pros and cons of living in Catalonia, with members of the international community having their say about topics including the climate, food, health care, rents, salaries and bureaucracy.

Catalan News encourages everyone to follow Filling the Sink on Twitter and Facebook – not only to keep up to date on each new episode, but also for teasers, insights and humor.

You will be part of the podcast's community, with a chance to interact with us, through our callouts, polls and surveys. Following Filling the Sink is the best way to ensure you don't miss out on taking part in the podcast whenever we look for your experiences and opinions – in the latest episode, lots of readers and listeners got in touch to share their stories.

What is 'Filling the Sink'?

Filling the Sink is a weekly podcast on all things Catalan. The Catalan News team brings you chat, interviews, and features on everything from food to football, culture, traditions to current affairs. No need to worry if you don't know much about this corner of land nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. As they say in Catalonia, "de mica en mica, s'omple la pica" – little by little, the sink fills up.

Elections, political stories, social debates such as the airport expansion or the conflict between taxis and Uber, Catalan wine, mushroom hunting, myths and legends, top sightseeing spots such as Val d'Aran and Montserrat, the Catalan language, practical information for foreign residents…This is a podcast that touches on everything, is informative but informal, and never takes up more than 25 minutes of your time.