Universe Observatory in Catalonia organizes unique concerts that fuse art and science

Through the open dome of the planetarium, visitors can experience ?Music under the Stars?, listening to music as they explore the universe

CNA / Marta Lluvich

August 3, 2010 11:22 PM

The Centre for the Observation of the Universe of Àger, in north-west Catalonia, is organizing a new series of concerts that fuse science and music. The exhibit, which is called “Music under the Stars”, combines real and simulated observations of the universe with live music, enabling visitors to discover the secrets of astronomy and the history of music simultaneously
The Centre in Àger is the only one in the world with an open dome that allows visitors to see the sky from the planetarium. Salvador Ribas, director of the Observatory, said that a visit provides a “great opportunity” to discover the centre’s attractions and to experience all the potential of the universe.

The musician, Xavier Monge, said that the combination of music and astronomy opens up “numerous possibilities”. Monge explained that the series of concerts will link the history of the music with the evolution of knowledge of astronomy.

Organizers want to show real and simulated skylines and intend to create an artistic and scientific atmosphere which will captivate the public. The musician said that it is a challenge for him to play in such an unusual setting, revealing that they will improvise the kind of music they play as the sky changes.

Miquel Pueyo, Vice-President of the Council of Montsec, said that the concerts should become a “musical and scientific point of reference.”

“The exhibit should encourage tourism in the region,” he added.

The first concerts in the Centre for the Observation of the Universe of Àger will take place on 25 September, 9 October, 13 November and 11 December.