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Unemployment rises by 13,779 people in August after four consecutive months of decline

A total of 584,648 people have ended up on the Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) list of registered unemployed, representing an increase of 13,779 people, 2.41% more in relation to in July this year.


02 September 2011 11:38 PM



Madrid (ACN) .- A total of 584,648 people have ended up on the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) list of registered unemployed, representing an increase of 13,779 people, 2.41% more in relation to in July this year, according to statistics from the Spanish Ministry of Labour. The increase in unemployment in August this year did not occur with the same intensity that was experienced in August 2010, when unemployment rose by 16,703 people, a 3.10% increase compared to July. However, the increase this August breaks four consecutive months of declines in unemployment levels. Within the whole Spain, unemployment has risen by 51,185 people, a 1.25% increase. Barcelona is the Spanish province where unemployment has increased the most.

Historically, unemployment is always registered as rising in the month of August, according to the Spanish Ministry of Labour which has broken down unemployment rates by regions since 2005. This indicates that the increase experienced currently is typical. The percentage increase this year of 2.41% in Catalonia is the lowest percentage recorded to date in the month of August when compared to historical statistics published since 2005. The closest unemployment rate to be is similar to this year's was in 2006 when there was an increase by 2.46%.

Barcelona leads the increase in unemployment throughout Spain

The Barcelona province with 442,820 unemployed is where unemployment rises more in absolute terms throughout Spain. It increased of 11,163 people, providing 81% of the increase in unemployment that has been recorded in August in the whole of Catalonia.

Girona is one of the three Spanish provinces where unemployment rate rises the most

In Catalonia, after Barcelona, ??the province where unemployment is increasing the most, with more than 50,911 unemployed, is Girona. 1,541 people registered in Girona as unemployed in August, an increase of 3.12% percent. This is the highest percentage increase in Catalonia and one of the highest in Spain only surpassed by the provinces of Segovia, where the percentage unemployment in August increased by 3.65% and Huesca, where the increase was 3.29%.

In other provinces unemployment has also increased. Lleida, with 27,633 unemployed in August, saw an increase of 239 people, a 0.87% increase, and Tarragona has been forced to add an additional 836 people to the 63,284 registered unemployed, a growth of 1, 34%.

Unemployment increases by 1.25% in the whole of Spain

In the whole of Spain, the registered unemployment in August has reached 4,130,927 people, representing an increase of 1.25%. In relation to August last year, the increase in unemployment in Spain was 161,266 people, more than 4.06%.

All sectors lost employment but agriculture

In terms of sectors, the only sector that has been saved from the increase in unemployment has been the agricultural sector, where unemployment decreased by 634 people across the entire Catalonia.

Other sectors were not so fortunate recording increases in unemployment. This was led by the service sector, where unemployment has risen by 10,916 people, followed by 2,084 in the construction industry and the industry, with 1,735.

Unemployment among immigrants is reduced by 0.9%

The immigrant demographic brings 129,318 people to the unemployment list, which means a reduction in unemployment of 1,170 persons, or 0.9% less in relation to last July. The reduction in unemployment within this group occurs in almost all of the autonomous communities of Spain, with the exception of Extremadura and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. This reduction in the unemployment rates of immigrants already sustained five consecutive months of declines.


  • Unemployment increased in Catalonia last August (by ACN)

  • Unemployment increased in Catalonia last August (by ACN)