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Privalia opens its own logistics centre in Barcelona

The company sells high end clothing on the Internet. It distributes over 25.000 items of clothing daily amongst its 3,7 million clients. The centre will deliver on demand from Spain and Italy.


17 March 2011 10:21 PM


ACN / Àlex Recolons

Barcelona (ACN).- Privalia, a Catalan on-line company that sells clothes and accessories from high market brands, has opened its own logistics centre in the Zona Franca, an industrial area of Barcelona next to the port and airport. The new plant will distribute products amongst the 3,7 million Privalia clients in Spain and Italy. The logistics plant allows the company to manage up to 25.000 client orders daily and reduces delivery time by a day and a half.

The new plant in Barcelona will create 75 job opportunities in the area until the end of the year. The company has agreed to offer 10% of these jobs to people with some kind of disability. Privalia has a cooperation agreement with disability charities to promote the integration of the disabled into the labour market.

Lucas Carné, co-founder of Privalia, said that the inauguration of the new centre in Barcelona \u2018allows the company to grow\u2019. Carné said that the new plant will cut costs by up to 65%, as now 45 workers will do a task that was previously done by 80 or 90 people. Privalia had been previously working in cooperation with delivery company MRW, using a rented logistics centre in Madrid.

Carné pointed out that the new centre would also be advantageous to clients because they would receive their orders sooner than before. The delivery time will be in fact reduced by 40% thanks to a quicker packaging and delivery process. Orders will be delivered within 16 days, \u2018better than the sector\u2019s average in the, according to Carné. The new plant also allows Privalia to deliver products from different brands, which was \u2018impossible\u2019 in the former plant.

Privalia will be able to deliver 25.000 orders daily from Barcelona, which could be increased to 50.000 orders in the future. The company has been growing at a rapid rate over the last few years, and was the main reason for the change in logistics centre, according to Carné.


  • Privalia's centre in Barcelona (by A. Recolons)

  • Privalia's centre in Barcelona (by A. Recolons)