15,070 less unemployed in Catalonia this month, but unemployment is still higher than last year

In July, the total number of Catalan jobless stands at 539,191, thanks to the creation of service sector summer jobs


August 4, 2010 12:14 AM

According to the data published this Tuesday by the Spanish Government, up to 539,191 people are jobless in Catalonia this July. The figures indicate a 2.73% reduction in the rate of unemployment in the region, when compared with last month’s data. In concrete terms, 15,070 less people are unemployed this month than last. The figures released indicate a fall in regional unemployment for the fourth consecutive month. Compared to last year’s data, however, the data remains pessimistic, confirming an increase of 8.73% in unemployment in the region as a whole.
Once again, the service sector has fuelled the rise in employment, with the creation of up to 7,634 new jobs. The increase has also been motivated by improvements in the construction sector, where 4,611 jobs were created in July. The third best sector for job creation was industry, where 2,879 new jobs were generated.

Barcelona has experienced the highest decrease in unemployment. A total of 9,609 people in the region found a job in July, compared with 1,972 in Girona, 2,909 in Tarragona and 580 in Lleida.

Despite the slight fall in the overall unemployment figures, the number of jobless young people rose by 0.2%. In fact, people under 25 years old represent 8.2% of all jobless in the country.

Foreigners account for 22% of the total 119,993 people out of work in Catalonia. During the course of 2010, 18,297 positions occupied by immigrants have been destroyed. In July, though, 4,895 people from abroad found work in the region.