Peret, the 'father' of Catalan rumba, dies from cancer aged 79

August 27, 2014 09:25 PM | ACN

Pere Pubill i Calaf, better known as Peret, died at noon on Wednesday in a Barcelonan hospital, aged 79. The singer, guitar player and composer Peret was considered to be the 'father' of the so-called Catalan rumba, a fusion music style mixing Afro-Cuban mambo with flamenco and rock and roll. This rhythm was born in the 1950s within Barcelona's Gipsy community and became increasingly popular in the 1960s thanks to some of Peret's hits. Soon it became part of Catalonia's culture and common heritage, being extremely popular and receiving institutional recognition. Peret started his musical career extremely young in the 1940s. He published a total of 27 albums, and he was about to release his first disc entirely in Catalan. In his last years, he became particularly active in social and political movements, criticising poverty and supporting Catalan self-determination. A few weeks ago, he issued a press release announcing he was undergoing anti-cancer treatment.

Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) broadens its horizons with new exhibition spaces and services

July 18, 2014 08:34 PM | ACN / Pau Cortina

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is expanding into the nearby Àngels Square in the heart of the historic neighbourhood Raval. On 17th July the museum unveiled the details of its future plans, which are designed to increase the flow of visitors to the art centre. These include increased exhibition spaces and the expansion of the existing MACBA Study Centre. The project is estimated to cost a total of €2 million, 1.5 million of which will be provided by Barcelona City Council, and it is hoped that this will increase the number of visitors to the museum by 15% per year.

Keith Haring mural calling to fight AIDS recreated in its original Barcelona neighbourhood

February 28, 2014 04:47 PM | ACN

Urban artist Keith Haring chose the Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona to execute his mural painting Together We Can Stop AIDS in 1989. Diagnosed with HIV a year before, the American artist drew this iconic line in Spanish (Todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA) in blood-red letters and next to some of his characteristic figures, as a call to fight the disease. On Thursday, exactly 25 years later, a reproduction of his famous mural was unveiled in another location of the Raval neighbourhood, sponsored by the Ciutat Vella District (Old City Centre) and by the nearby Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). This initiative acknowledges Keith Haring as one of the most emblematic street artists of his time, recalling his stay in Barcelona and highlighting his courage to address a taboo subject that personally affected him.

Further Catalan Police officers are indicted for arrestee's death

December 4, 2013 07:37 PM | ACN

Eight officers of the Catalan Police Force – called Mossos d’Esquadra – and two paramedics of the Catalan Emergency Services (SEM) have been indicted on Wednesday, following the death of a man while he was in custody. Last July, Yassir El Younoussi was arrested in El Vendrell for a threatening-authority felony. After a medical exam, El Younoussi was put into custody at the police station. According to the Catalan Police, due to his violent and agitated behaviour he was tied up with strips and forced to wear a helmet in order not to injure himself. He died a few hours later while still in custody at the police station. This case occurs a few weeks after another person died a few hours after the intervention of the Catalan Police in Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood. In fact, this Wednesday, a tenth police officer has been indicted for the Raval case.