The European Free Alliance would welcome PDC “to the nationalist family” in the European Parliament

October 11, 2016 08:55 PM | ACN

European Free Alliance (EFA) director, Günther Dauwen, would approve if the Catalan Democratic Party (PDC), the new name for former liberal ‘Convergència’, were to leave the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and join the EFA in the European Parliament instead. “The family of regionalist nationalists would be more homogeneous and consistent and that could help to reinforce our message”, Dauwen told the CNA. Although he admitted that there hasn’t yet been any official request, if joining the EFA “could help to promote and make progress” for the Catalan cause “a positive decision could be expected”. Dauwen also noted that left wing pro-independence ERC, which together with other 44 groups belongs to the EFA, wouldn’t oppose welcoming the PDC to the family. PDC MEP, Ramon Tremosa has repeatedly said he was “not comfortable” within the ALDE because they voted “following instructions from Spanish Unionist ‘Ciutadans’, a private brand of the Conservative People’s Party”.

European Free Alliance criticises Spain’s decision to suspend the Catalan Ministry for Foreign Affairs

February 19, 2016 02:55 PM | ACN

The European Free Alliance (EFA) has strongly criticised the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision to suspend the Catalan Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In a press communiqué released this Friday under the title ‘Spain’s attack on Catalan democracy’, EFA’s President, François Alfonsi, lamented the “disturbing anti-democratic trend in Spain that runs contrary to European values”. In the same vein, the President of EFA’s Euro parliamentary group, Catalan MEP Josep Maria Terricabras, noted that “the office of Foreign Minister is recognised in law and in Catalonia's statute of autonomy” and urged Spain to respect “democratic governance and human rights”. The EFA isthe group in the European Parliament which gathers together Catalan left-wing pro-independence ERC and other nationalist parties of the EU.