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Guardiola: “Zaragoza are more dangerous now”

Pep Guardiola is not taking anything for granted ahead of the game against Zaragoza and has insisted that their position at the foot of the table doesn’t mean anything. The boss also spoke about the physical problems affecting Valdés and Xavi.


22 October 2010 10:31 PM



Barcelona (FCB).- In his press conference ahead of the trip to Zaragoza, Pep Guardiola warned against making any assumptions about his team\u2019s opponents: \u201Cif we go thinking about their position in the table and everything people are saying about them, then we\u2019ll be making a mistake. Zaragoza are more dangerous now, They deserve all our respect and I\u2019m expecting a rival from a big club, intense and aggressive\u201D.

Big team

Guardiola spoke about last season\u2019s game and claimed: \u201Cwhen we were there last year, it was one of our toughest games. It\u2019s a historic ground, the fans put on a lot of pressure. The game is never over, there are teams for whom the shirt is really important and Zaragoza are one of them \u2013 one of the big teams\u201D, adding \u201Cthey were capable of coming back against Sporting with just 10 men\u201D.

Valdés, Xavi and Iniesta

The boss talked about the physical fitness of Víctor Valdés, who missed out against Copenhagen: \u201Cif he\u2019s travelling, then that\u2019s because he\u2019s recovered. He\u2019s got back the weight he lost and he\u2019s back in the squad\u201D. As for Xavi, Guardiola revealed: \u201Cthe doctors say that his tendons have improved and we are looking for him to make another leap forward over the next ten days\u201D. With Xavi out, Iniesta is taking on more importance in the team and Guardiola made it clear that; \u201CI don\u2019t want to rest Iniesta. I\u2019d have him playing every game. He\u2019ll only miss a game if and when we see that he is tired or he\u2019s got an injury\u201D.

Happy with the team\u2019s form

Guardiola also showed his confidence in his team: \u201CI still believe that the team is very good, given where we have come from. Overall, I see us in a better than good moment \u2013 I\u2019m very satisfied\u201D. Looking forward to the rest of the season, the boss reckons his team are in for: \u201Ca hard campaign\u201D, and that the bets way to deal with it is \u201Cto play well\u201D.


Premis Príncep D\u2019Astúries

Pep Guardiola was again forced to reiterate his stand on the presence of more of his Spanish squad members in Oviedo on Friday to receive the Premis Princep d\u2019Astúries: \u201CI said Xavi would be there if he couldn\u2019t make the trip to Zaragoza. I understand the Spanish fans would like to see all of the eight players who won the World Cup, but we\u2019ve got a game at six on Saturday and I have to consider what\u2019s best for this team and this club\u201D.


  • Pep Guardiola during today's press conference (by FC Barcelona)

  • Pep Guardiola during today's press conference (by FC Barcelona)