The tweets and songs for which rapper Hasel was imprisoned

Catalan artist sentenced to two years and nine months in jail for "glorification of terrorism" and "insulting" the Spanish crown and police

Rapper Pablo Hasel is arrested inside the University of Lleida (by Pau de la Calle)
Rapper Pablo Hasel is arrested inside the University of Lleida (by Pau de la Calle) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

February 16, 2021 03:18 PM

Riot police stormed a university in the western Catalan city of Lleida on Tuesday morning to arrest the rapper Pablo Rivadulla, known as Pablo Hasel, who barricaded himself inside the building and called for "solidarity" to resist his imprisonment. 

Hasel was taken to prison following a 9-month sentence for "glorification of terrorism" and "insulting the Spanish crown and its security forces" in a series of 64 tweets shared from 2014 to 2016 and a song published on Youtube.

Judges at the National Court dismissed the rapper’s petition to avoid entering prison, citing Hasel’s previous criminal record, including a two-year sentence for songs "glorifying" terror groups ETA, GRAPO and Al Qaeda. The sentence was provisionally suspended, but it was reactivated after Hasel was convicted again.

Here are some of the tweets cited by National Court judges, as reported by Spanish media:


Orgulloso de quienes respondieron a las agresiones de la policía. ​

I’m proud of those who responded to police aggressions


La policía asesina a 15 inmigrantes y son santitos. El pueblo se defiende de su brutalidad y somos "violentos terroristas, chusma, etc". 

Police murder 15 immigrants and they’re saints. People defend themselves from brutality and we’re called "violent terrorists, chusma, etc.”


El mafioso de mierda del rey dando lecciones desde un palacio, millonario a costa de la miseria ajena. Marca España.

The fucking mobster of a king giving lessons from his palace, a millionaire at the expenses of other people’s misery. Spain’s brand.


Mientras llaman terrible tiranía a Cuba donde con menos recursos no se desahucia, ocultan los negocios mafiosos del Borbón con Arabia Saudí.

While they call Cuba a terrible tyranny, where there are less resources but no evictions, they hide the Bourbon [king’s] gangster-like businesses with Saudi Arabia


Cuando la policía utilice sus armas contra los opresores y no contra los oprimidos, empieza a contarnos que son aliados.

When police start using their weapons against oppressors and not the oppressed, you can tell us they’re allies


Los amigos del reino español bombardeando hospitales mientras Juan Carlos se va de putas con ellos. 

The friends of the Spanish kingdom bomb hospitals while [king emeritus] Juan Carlos goes to a whorehouse with them


Sí nos representan

They do represent us [a photo of Ignacio Várela Gómez, arrested for belonging to Spain’s Communist armed group GRAPO]


Policías que con Franco encarcelaban y que ahora encarcelan como jueces de la Audiencia Nazi-onal.

Police officers who put people in jail with [dictator Francisco] Franco [in power] and now put people in jail as judges at the Nazi-onal court


​ ¿Matas a un policía? Te buscan hasta debajo de las piedras ¿Asesina la policía? Ni se investiga bien.

You kill a police officer? They’ll come for you no matter where you are. A police officer murders someone? They don’t investigate it properly