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Significant drop in daily Covid-19 cases and deaths in Catalonia and Spain

143 more diagnoses on Sunday, lowest figure since March 12


04 May 2020 12:51 PM



Covid-19 figures in both Catalonia and across Spain have experienced a significant drop over the past few days.

The number of new daily cases and deaths in Catalonia has dropped to levels seen in mid-March, despite some ups and downs.

For instance, on Sunday, 143 more people were declared to have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the previous 24 hours – that is the lowest number since March 12, which saw 138 confirmed cases. On that day, schools were ordered to close from the following day in Catalonia.

Catalonia: daily fatalities under than 100 for over a week

On Friday, May 1, the number confirmed and suspected Covid-19 deaths in medical centers was at its lowest since March 19, when there were 35 fatalities. On Sunday, the figure was 60 – for the first time in a month and a half, the number of daily deaths was under 100 for eight days in a row.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Catalonia, confirmed by rapid tests and PCRs, stands at 57,506 as of May 3, with 31,717 of those already discharged and another 6,094 who have passed away.

The Catalan health department also provides figures reported by funeral homes of those who are confirmed and suspected to have perished due to the virus, raising the death toll to 10,508. The increase in deaths reported by funeral homes has been slowing down over the past few days, as has the number of suspected Covid-19 cases: 136,643. Altogether, there are 194,149 people who have been either diagnosed or are suspected to have had the virus at some point during the pandemic.

Spain: lowest daily deaths since March 18

As for Spain, on Monday another 356 PCR diagnoses were announced, the lowest figure since March 9. Meanwhile, the number of known Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours remained at 164, the same as the figure released on Sunday and the lowest since March 18.

Yet, it is worth taking into account that while the confirmed cases in Catalonia take into account both PCR and rapid test diagnoses, Spain's official count only includes the results of PCR tests.

The total number of people with coronavirus in Spain now stands at 218,011, with 25,428 deaths and 121,343 people that have recovered.

Far from the peak

The current figures are far from the peak: 2,870 new cases on April 15 and 328 deaths on April 20 in Catalonia.

In the whole of Spain, the worst days were April 2, with 950 deaths, and March 31, with 9,222 more diagnoses in one day.


  • Doctors treating a Covid-19 patient at Hospital de Manresa's ICU (Courtesy of Althaia)

  • Doctors treating a Covid-19 patient at Hospital de Manresa's ICU (Courtesy of Althaia)