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Monolith found in Costa Brava disappears just two weeks after its discovery

Civic officer who went to open park only found concrete base with its screws sawed


13 April 2021 03:35 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The tall metal monolith discovered on the Sa Conca beach in the Costa Brava has disappeared as mysteriously as it emerged. 

The 3-meter-tall structure was spotted in S’Aragó on March 30 and then relocated to the town’s Parc dels Estanys park, where other similar works of art are on display, after a group of young people toppled it the following day. 

However, an unidentified group of people have now taken the steel monolith installed in the park, just 2 weeks after its initial discovery. At eight in the morning, when a civic officer was opening the site, only the concrete base that once supported the structure was found. The screws that once attached the monolith to its base had been sawed at and there was absolutely no trace of the sculpture. 

While there are cameras installed at the facility, they were not focussed on the monolith, but instead on other art pieces. 

Multiple monoliths 

Mysterious monoliths have popped up all over the world after one was first discovered in the Utah desert in November 2020. 

Similar structures have also been spotted in the UK, Romania, the Netherlands, Poland and all over the world, many of these being constructed by local artists to imitate the Utah version while others fiercely retain their mystery.

On Saturday, yet another monolith was discovered in Catalonia, this time in Aiguamúrica, a small sleepy town located in the Alt Camp county near Tarragona.

"Unlike the others, this one is engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics which we have been told mean 'the game has begun'," mayor Dolors Palma said of the 3-meter tall obelisk.

Although its origin remains unknown—Palma speculates it could even possibly be a company's stab at a publicity stunt—fascinated onlookers have already flocked to the site over the weekend.


  • Metal monolith which appeared on Sa Conca beach in S'Agaró, Costa Brava on March 30, 2021 (courtesy of Arocinema Associació)

  • Metal monolith which appeared on Sa Conca beach in S'Agaró, Costa Brava on March 30, 2021 (courtesy of Arocinema Associació)