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Court receives 257 complaints for injuries caused by Spanish police on October 1

While 27 courts around Catalonia have opened cases relating to referendum day, ANC files suit over continued closure of its website



19 December 2017 05:37 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Some 257 people have so far lodged official complaints for injuries caused by Spanish police officers on the day of the independence referendum on October 1. More complaints could follow, as the judge investigating the allegations has knowledge of 312 medical reports detailing injuries. According to Catalan government figures, 1,066 people were injured on October 1.

In all, 27 courts around Catalonia have opened proceedings for alleged events relating to that day. Many of them are against the Catalan police for disobedience or inactivity, against the Catalan government for the illegal use of personal data, or against the Spanish police and Guardia Civil for causing injury or damage.

The judge investigating the allegations against the Spanish police has asked that the officers who took part in the alleged events be identified. However, before summoning the officers, the judge wants to know the total number of proceedings so the officers can be questioned about all the relevant cases at once and will not have to return to court later.

ANC lodges complaint over website closure

Meanwhile, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has filed a suit with a Barcelona court against the closure of its website. The website was closed down on September 25 without notice or explanation. The pro-independence civil association has pressed charges for coercion, perversion of justice and infringement of the rights of freedom of expression and information.

The ANC insists that the website should have been reopened by now, given that the referendum took place on October 1, and that it should have been told the reason why it was closed down and why it has not been reopened. The complaint explains that on September 25 the website was closed down by the four main internet operators in Spain.

The ANC insists there are no legal proceedings open against the organisation that might justify the continued closure of the website. When attempting to enter the site, the main page shows a message saying “Access to this web page restricted”. As the emblem of the Guardia Civil also appears, the ANC suspects the closure was on the orders of the attorney general or the Guardia Civil directly.


  • Spanish police in front of referendum votes on October 1 in Lleida (by Oriol Bosch)

  • Spanish police in front of referendum votes on October 1 in Lleida (by Oriol Bosch)