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Unemployment in Catalonia drops in April by 0.4%

April was the second consecutive month that experienced a fall in unemployment in Catalonia. Last month there were 2,526 fewer people registered as unemployed in Catalonia. The total number of jobless people was 635,721. In Spain, unemployment decreased by 6,632, a 0.14% drop, totalling 4,744,235 jobless individuals at the end of April. In Catalonia, unemployment decreased in the coastal provinces of Girona and Tarragona.


05 May 2012 12:20 AM



Barcelona (ACN).- The number of unemployed in Catalonia decreased by 2,526 in April, according to the Spanish Ministry of Employment. This represents a 0.4% drop compared to March figures, when unemployment also decreased.  In fact, unemployment has decreased in Catalonia for the last two months, leaving the total number of jobless individuals at the end of April at 635,721 people. In Spain, unemployment fell by 6,632 people, representing a 0.14% drop and ending April with 4,744,235 registered as out of work. In the four Catalan provinces, Tarragona and in particular Girona are the territories where unemployment decreased. In the northern province of Girona (where the Costa Brava is located), unemployment decreased by 1,920 in April. In Tarragona it fell by 1,265. However, unemployment increased in Lleida by 293 and in Barcelona by 266.

Unemployment decreased in Catalonia because of the creation of jobs in the services sector. 2,806 people were out of work in that section of the economy at the end of April compared to one month earlier. In Girona and Tarragona, where tourism has a greater weight in their economy, unemployment decreased.

However, the industrial sector increased its unemployment figures, adding more people to the Catalan Public Employment Service (SOC). This sector has been hit by the mass layoff process that has occurred since the Spanish Government\u2019s labour market reform came into force earlier this year. Unemployment in the Catalan industrial sector increased by 423 in April, especially in Barcelona (which holds two thirds of Catalonia\u2019s population and most of its industry). In Barcelona and Lleida, industry lost 547 and 14 jobs respectively, however in Girona and Tarragona more jobs were created in the sector (116 and 22 respectively).

Fewer new contracts than 3 years ago

Looking at new contracts, their number decreased, both compared to one month and also one year ago. In April, 153,967 new contracts were signed in Catalonia, 2,358 less than those signed in March and 6,053 fewer contracts than in April 2011. Looking at historical figures, starting in 2005, April 2012 has been the worst month for the number of new contracts signed. Even in 2009, at the height of the global economic crisis, the number of new contracts was higher, with 156,246.

Almost 200,000 people without unemployment or social grants

The beneficiaries of unemployment and social grants totalled 442,623 in Catalonia (with data from March). This means that 69.3% of all the people registered as unemployed in the Catalan Public Employment Service at the end of March received a financial allowance from the State. This means that, despite being unemployed, some 196,000 do not receive any money, not even the minimum insertion grant, which is received by 22,687 people.

Girona leads the unemployment decrease

Looking at the four Catalan Provinces, unemployment in Girona decreased by 3.23% in April, totalling 57,443. In Tarragona it fell by 1.59% compared to March, with a total number of 71,917. However, in Lleida, in western Catalonia, unemployment increased by 0.91% in April, reaching 32,402. Finally, in Barcelona, unemployment remained stable, with a small increase of 0.06% in April, leaving the total figure at 473,959.


  • Unemployment in Catalonia drops in April by 0.4% (by ACN)

  • Unemployment in Catalonia drops in April by 0.4% (by ACN)