Torra and JxCat demand Parliament president publishes resolutions on monarchy

The chamber’s official gazette left out some of the passed motions related to the Spanish crown

Catalan president Quim Torra speaks in parliament in front of the chamber head, Roger Torrent, left (by Guillem Roset)
Catalan president Quim Torra speaks in parliament in front of the chamber head, Roger Torrent, left (by Guillem Roset) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

August 11, 2020 11:41 AM

President of the Catalan government, Quim Torra, has asked the Parliament speaker, Roger Torrent, for the resignation of the secretary-general of the chamber, Xavier Muro, and reiterated calls for the publication of the resolutions that had been left out of Monday's official Parliament gazette.

In Monday’s edition of the gazette, which makes passed motions official, Muro left out some of the resolutions that had been passed during Friday’s plenary session related to the Spanish monarchy. 

The extraordinary plenary session was called after it was revealed that the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, left the country to protect the image of his son, the current king, following a string of corruption allegations and scandals.

For Torra, Xavier Muro has "the duty to obey the plenary" and if he does not, he has pointed out that Torrent "has the duty to stop him." 

With a message on Twitter, the Catalan president also called on Roger Torrent and the Parliament Bureau to "take responsibility" for publishing the resolutions, which were left out so as to not contravene the Constitutional Court after warnings issued. 

Muro argued that he must "prevent or paralyze any legal or material action" that could lead to non-compliance with the Constitutional Court’s rulings.

JxCat submit letter

Elsewhere, the Junts per Catalunya parliamentary group has sent a letter in the Parliament's register calling on Roger Torrent and the Bureau to publish "in full" the resolutions adopted during the debate on the monarchy. 

“Everything that is silenced is an anomaly and we are not here to amplify the repression of [the removal of Catalonia’s self-governance] but to defend democracy," the group's spokesman, Eduard Pujol, said. 

"In how many parliaments in the world does someone make the decision to silence an agreement? In the current circumstances, and so much so that the Parliament of Catalonia can talk about a corrupt monarchy and a decaying state," the spokesman emphasized. Pujol also urged Torrent and the Bureau to remove the general secretary, Xavier Muro, for acting "arbitrarily."

Omitted resolutions

A joint resolution presented by JxCat, ERC, and CUP that underlines the will of the Parliament to "overcome this monarchical regime” and “effectively constitute the Catalan republic as a state of law” was not published, nor was the mention of the "delinquent corrupt monarchy," is one of the passed motions that was not published in the chamber's gazette. 

Another section left out is one that had been presented by ERC that accuses the current king Felipe VI of having participated “with the other powers of the Spanish state in the repression of rights of the Catalan people." 

Also left out of the gazette is the text by the far-left CUP party that reproaches the king "for decades of impunity and illegitimate enrichment" and point to the monarchy as "a mainstay for the persecution of the rights of the Catalan people and against the construction of the Catalan republic."