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The Catalan Government assures it has enough money to pay salaries

The Chairman of the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Group in the Catalan Parliament Oriol Pujol stated this morning that the Catalan Government could “practically not pay the salaries” of public workers. However the Catalan Government from the same party calmed public opinion saying that although the situation was difficult, civil servants would not need to worry. The Catalan Government needs new credits to get liquidity and is expecting authorisation from the Spanish Government.


02 February 2011 12:03 AM


ACN / Xavier Alsinet / Gaspar Pericay Coll

Barcelona (ACN).- The Catalan Government needs cash. It is not a secret. The Government itself published its budget figures. In addition, with the Government change resulting from November\u2019s Catalan Elections, the new Cabinet emphasised the \u201Cdelicate\u201D situation regarding cash. Adding to the debate, for his part, Oriol Pujol, a leading member of the Government\u2019s party who is also the chairman of the party\u2019s group in the Catalan Parliament said this morning that the situation is \u201Cdramatic\u201D and that the Government has \u201Cpractically no money to pay the salaries\u201D of public workers. However, the Catalan Government\u2019s spokesperson Francesc Homs responded quickly emphasising that \u201Cpublic workers would not have to worry\u201D. Homs stressed that the situation was \u201Cdelicate\u201D and that, \u201Cif the Government did not do what it is required to do [\u2026], the situation could be more limited\u201D. However, Homs emphasised that the Government will get cash and he recalled how Catalonia is waiting for authorisation from the Spanish Goverment to issue more debt, after the commitment to reduce its deficit to 1.3% for 2011.

The Catalan Government was obliged today to calm down speculation about its financial situation, clarifying that it had enough money to pay salaries. The surprising statement was made by the Government\u2019s spokesperson. He was answering to a previous statement made by his party colleague Oriol Pujol. Pujol is the chairman of the party\u2019s group in the Catalan Parliament, in charge of pushing for legislative action and coordinating the MPs of Convergència i Unió, the ruling Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Coalition. In a radio interview, Pujol said that the financial situation of the Government was \u201Cdramatic\u201D and that it \u201Cpractically had no money to pay the salaries\u201D of the public employees. Francesc Homs stressed that Pujol \u201Cdid not say the Government has no money at all\u201D, \u201Che just said the situation is dramatic\u201D.

Homs assured that the Government has enough money and that \u201Cpublic workers do not need to worry\u201D. Homs emphasised that the Government will take all the actions it has to do to improve the situation and increase its cash. These operations include the already presented austerity plan to reduce the deficit and set it at 1.3% for 2011. They also include selling assets and getting new credits, like all governments do. The only difference here is that the Catalan Government is waiting for the Spanish Government\u2019s green light, after having already presented the Catalan austerity plan that includes this significant deficit reduction.


  • The Catalan Government's spokesperson at today's press conference (by X. Alsinet)

  • The Catalan Government's spokesperson at today's press conference (by X. Alsinet)