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Puigdemont ready to run in December 21 elections from abroad

The deposed president has said he will turn himself in to “true justice” but “not to that of Spain”


03 November 2017 08:13 PM


ACN | Brussels

Carles Puigdemont has revealed this evening that he is willing to run in the December 21 elections called by the Spanish Government through Article 155. Indeed, Puigdemont is ready to do so even if it means presenting his candidature from abroad. In his interview with Belgian RTBF broadcaster, the deposed Catalan president affirmed that he is ready to turn himself in to the “true justice,” that is, that of Belgium, but “not to that of Spain.” However, Puigdemont has said that he is not “afraid” to speak with Spanish president Mariano Rajoy and that he’s still “ready to talk.”

Puigdemont also addressed the recent incarceration of the majority of his government, stating that “it’s not normal and it’s extremely barbaric” that democratically elected representatives face up to 30 years in prison. “You can’t speak of democracy if these are the rules of the game,” he observed.

  • “You can’t speak of democracy if these are the rules of the game”

    Carles Puigdemont · Deposed Catalan president  

During the interview, Puigdemont again said that he is still the leader of the “legitimate government” of Catalonia, the one that was “chosen” in elections “to serve the will of the Catalan people, one that’s been voided in a completely illegal way.” He also noted that he had demanded “some guarantees” of his Rajoy to make sure the elections happened in “normal conditions.” These guarantees included freeing the leaders of Òmnium Cultural and the Catalan National Assembly who are currently still in jail. Yet, his demands went unanswered.

Puigdemont further criticized that the Spanish government’s “concept of political dialogue” is to incarcerate the Catalan one. “Putting us in prison is not the solution, on the contrary,” he warned, adding that the Catalan independence movement has “never” been so strong.

The dismissed Catalan leader explained that the “only solution” to the Catalan situation is “dialogue.” Puigdemont also explained that he would be “very careful” with internal Belgian politics and that he is in the country due to the lack of “juridical guarantees” back in Spain. 

In fact, just after the interview, the judge presiding over the hearing for the deposed Catalan ministers that are currently imprisoned demanded the arrest of Carles Puigdemont and his fellow dismissed ministers who are in the Belgian capital. 


  • Puigdemont during the press conference in Brussels on October 31 (by REUTERS)

  • Puigdemont during the press conference in Brussels on October 31 (by REUTERS)