Pro-independence CUP accuses Spanish Constitutional Court of promoting a “coup d’état”

The current situation of judicialisation of politics in Catalonia and the obstacles that the Spanish executive puts in the way of the pro-independence roadmap “are similar”to previous episodes “of military coup d’états”in Spain, stated CUP MP, Anna Gabriel. The representative of the radical left pro-independence party told the CNA that the Catalan institutions haven’t been “threatened by criminal means”so much for “many years”and she predicted that such threats could be increased “if the pro-independence process continues to move forward”. Thus, Gabriel considered that it would be “ridiculous”to appeal the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision to suspend the pro-independence roadmap, ratified last week by the Parliament, since “those who take part in the coup d’état don’t come to reason”. 

CUP's MP, Anna Gabriel, during the interview at CNA headquarters (by ACN)
CUP's MP, Anna Gabriel, during the interview at CNA headquarters (by ACN) / ACN


August 8, 2016 06:46 PM

Barcelona (CNA).- Radical left pro-independence CUP MP, Anna Gabriel commented on the recent suspension of Catalonia’s pro-independence roadmap by the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC) and the strategy that she believes the Spanish State is carrying out in relation to the Catalan institutions. In an interview with CNA, Gabriel pointed out that “it would be necessary to go back many years and to episodes of military coup d’état”to find a situation when Catalan institutions “were threatened by criminal means”. Moreover, Gabriel foresees that these threats “could be increased”in relation to the possible suspension of the Parliament’s President, Carme Forcadell, against whom the Spanish executive has asked the TC to apply criminal charges. Thus, she opted for “filling the streets”and “moving forward to independence”rather than appealing the TC’s suspension of the pro-independence roadmap, since it would be “ridiculous”to try to “make those who take part in the coup d’état come to reason”.

On the other hand, Gabriel also considered that the TC’s position regarding Catalonia’s political process and its opposition to the Parliament’s green light to the pro-independence roadmap make the present moment “a very good one”for Catalonia to “materialise the breakaway”regardless of the effects that the TC’s suspension may have.

“We believe it would be an absolute waste of time try to put forward legal and political arguments to a TC which has proved to have another function, which is to bejudge and jury”, she stated. 

In this vein, the radical left pro-independence MP considered that “in the emergency state, in democratic terms”which she assured Catalonia and Spain are facing nowadays “it would be ridiculous to make those who take part in the coup d’état come to reason”. Gabriel referred to Spain’s executive and the TC as “pro-coup d’état”and pointed out that the only way to address them is by “building trenches of democracy in order to confront them”. Thus, she dismissed the possibility of appealing the TC’s suspension of the pro-independence roadmap. “If we respond to the threats by filling the streets we will be much clearer, much more coherent and we will win much support”, she concluded.