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Presidential’s speech ‘sectarian and divisive', says Spain

Spanish government says Torra's speech shows "little willingness for dialogue" and warns that it will keep an eye on him to avoid "any illegal acts"


12 May 2018 04:52 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Spanish government has described presidential candidate Quim Torra's speech as "sectarian" and "divisive". In a press release following Torra's intervention at the Catalan parliament, the Spanish executive said that he showed "little willingness for dialogue" and warned that it will remain "vigilant" to avoid "any illegal acts".

"Any illegal activities will be rectified and any violation of our constitutional framework will be dealt with," the Spanish government stated. According to Mariano Rajoy's cabinet, Quim Torra’s speech was "from the past" and "alienated from the immense majority of moderate and constructive Catalans." 

"He has given up governing for all Catalans and is encouraging tensions that have hurt Catalonia, its social cohesion and its economic development a lot," said the Spanish executive about the presidential candidate. 

According to Madrid, Torra "has no interest in building a dialogue with the Parliament, the whole of society or anyone else that does not agree with his ideas." "Pro-independence parties know that they don't have any chance to achieve their secessionist goals," added the Spanish government.


  • The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, in the Senate on May 8, 2018 (by Tània Tàpia)

  • The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, in the Senate on May 8, 2018 (by Tània Tàpia)