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More than hundred people demand “Egyptian people’s freedom” in Barcelona

Demonstrators carried signs that said “Free Egypt” or “Up with Egypt, down with Mubarak”. All their claims demanded the President’s immediate resignation.


02 February 2011 10:18 PM


ACN / Maria Fernández Noguera

Barcelona (ACN).- More than one hundred people met in the heart of Barcelona on Tuesday night in Sant Jaume square where the Presidency of the Catalan Government and the City Hall are located. Organised by the Egypt House in Barcelona, the protest called for \u201Cfreedom of Egyptian people\u201D and Mubarak\u2019s stepping down from power. Several signs were on display that said \u201CFree Egypt\u201D and \u201CUp with Egypt, down with Mubarak\u201D. Protesters shouted in Arabic, Spanish and even in Catalan; the most repeated one was \u201CMubarak must learn, Egypt is not for sale\u201D, which ryhmes in Spanish and Catalan (\u201CMubarak aprende, Egipto no se vende\u201D or Mubrak apren, Egipte no es ven\u201D). Demonstrators wanted to show their solidarity with the demonstrations in Egypt against Mubarak\u2019s regime. Barcelona\u2019s demonstration took place without any violence and lasted about an hour.

The Vice President of Barcelona\u2019s Egypt House Amir Hamed told CNA that \u201CWith the massacre he has provoked, because there are more than 365 deaths already, we want the entire world to know that Mubarak is a murderer\u201D. Hamed carried on stating that \u201CMubarak is a burnt option since one or two days ago, and he will leave. [\u2026] What he is doing now is basically tidying up the house before leaving. Following US orders, he has to leave with everything tied up, and he will leave in about two or three days\u201D, he concluded.

Aiman, who has been living in Barcelona for more than 8 years told CNA that the current protest in Egypt corresponds to the people\u2019s will. \u201CWe are 80 million and in Cairo there were almost 2 million people. It is the people who have gone out on the streets, we have been waiting a long time for change to happen. We don\u2019t want more promises; we want facts\u201D he stated.


  • Demontrators in Barcelona supporting protests for democracy in Egypt (by M. Fernández)

  • Demontrators in Barcelona supporting protests for democracy in Egypt (by M. Fernández)