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Foreign minister commits to 'avoiding the involution of the State' with a Spanish government that 'doesn't make matters worse'

The Foreign Minister denies there’s a “crisis” in the Catalan government in an interview with the Catalan News Agency


29 June 2019 12:43 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Alfred Bosch, Catalonia’s foreign minister, believes that the independence parties should "avoid the involution of the State" and support a Spanish government that "does not make matters worse."

In an interview with the Catalan News Agency, Bosch says that "worse is worse, worse is not better", and rejects the theses of those who equate the People’s Party with the Socialists. 

Bosch also denied the idea that a Spanish government that applies difficulties to Catalonia would help increase the number of independence supporters. 

According to Bosch, it is necessary to "avoid an alliance of parties that want to return to direct rule in Catalonia without justification," and at the same time, he demands "dialogue without conditions" of Pedro Sánchez"It is the best solution, we have to move between these two limits," Bosch explains.

For Bosch, it is "quite clear" that the political lines of the PP and the Socialists are "different" and admits that he prefers a socialist government, although emphasizes that neither party is “his.”

Bosch remembers that the independentist parties have already voted on the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy in the spirit of "opening a window of hope for dialogue" and "ending the mistakes" of those who only "stand for repression." 

"We have the obligation to push for this to happen," he says, adding that now the dialogue "must be confirmed and materialized."

Catalan Government: "things work"

Regarding the situation in the Catalan executive, Bosch denies any discrepancies between the Esquerra and Junts government partners. "It is a government that is managing, which squares numbers, and that does work," he says.

The foreign affairs minister says that he is "very pleased" with the work of the government, that he believes that is "doing a lot of work", especially at a delicate time at the political level. "In the context in which we are, the solidity and work is admirable," he says.

Bosch admits "debates" do occur, as in all coalition governments, but denies that it is a weak alliance. "We have a government that is doing a good job, I do not see the crisis. Crisis, what crisis? Neither the government of Catalonia nor the legislative activity," he defends.


  • Foreign minister Alfred Bosch during his interview with the Catalan News Agency. (Photo: Nazaret Romero)

  • Foreign minister Alfred Bosch during his interview with the Catalan News Agency. (Photo: Nazaret Romero)