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Court to review Torra's inauguration following Ciutadans lawsuit

Unionist party aims to suspend the appointment of Quim Torra


25 May 2018 02:35 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Spain's High Court in Catalonia (TSJC) will review the inauguration of Quim Torra as Catalan president following a lawsuit by Ciutadans. The unionist party aims to suspend the appointment of the pro-independence leader over his oath of office, which made no mention of the Spanish Constitution nor the king. The court rejected taking urgent precautionary measures to invalidate Torra's inauguration, as requested by Ciutadans.

Following the example of his predecessor, Carles Puigdemont, Torra promised “loyalty to the will of the Catalan people as represented by parliament”—a formula that was criticized when Puigdemont became the head of government two years ago, but which nevertheless didn’t prevent him from effectively taking up his post.  

In 2016, Spain's High Court in Catalonia—the same court that will decide on Ciutadans' petition—ruled in favor of Puigdemont, alleging that the Catalan president does not have the legal obligation to abide by the Spanish Constitution in his oath of office.

Ciutadans has taken a harsh stance against the independence bid, calling on the Spanish government to extend direct rule in Catalonia. Inés Arrimadas, the leader of Ciutadans in Catalonia, told Torra that “neither you, nor any of you all, will lead us to an independent republic.”

Torra’s inauguration was a discreet ceremony without guests. The Spanish government was not represented. Madrid says that the Catalan administration had tried to “impose” which rank of official should attend the event, terms it does not accept.

In a statement before the inauguration, Mariano Rajoy’s executive claimed that the event as planned by the Catalan officials would “degrade the institution’s dignity.” The room where the inauguration took place included a Catalan flag, but no portrait of Spain’s king or a Spanish flag, as ordered by Madrid.


  • Ciutadans leader Inés Arrimadas (by Núria Julià)

  • Ciutadans leader Inés Arrimadas (by Núria Julià)