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Controversy over sexist remarks against head of opposition

Pro-independence humorist suggested Inés Arrimadas go to Amsterdam, where she would have "all work rights respected"


25 February 2019 01:22 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The 10-minute event held by the main unionist party in Catalonia, Ciutadans, outside Carles Puigdemont's residence in Waterloo, Belgium, is still source of controversy. The event included the party leader in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas.

A Catalan pro-independence well-known actor, Toni Albà, made some remarks branded as "sexist" to criticize Arrimadas' trip to Waterloo, in which she rejected a meeting with Puigdemont.

"Have a good trip to Waterloo! And be careful, you might go past and end up in Amsterdam… There you would be like at home, and you would get all your work rights respected," said Albà, alluding to the city's reputation for sex work

Arrimadas responded by saying "the hatred of nationalism has no limits." She further called his comments "sexist and disgusting."


On Monday he apologized for his remarks, but also said that "some people have reading comprehension issues."

"I do not apologize for words I have not written," he added.

Albà has been impersonating the former Spanish King Juan Carlos and other public figures in theater and on television for years.

He is currently one of the actors featured in the Catalan public TV outlet TV3, but both the public corporation managing the channel and the program he is working for, Polònia, have condemned his words. 

Toni Albà was involved in some other controversies in the past, and was prosecuted for some jokes on the Spanish police


  • Catalan actor Toni Albà before testifying in a local court (by Gemma Sánchez)

  • Catalan actor Toni Albà before testifying in a local court (by Gemma Sánchez)