The most luxurious Costa Brava hotels join together to foster their international projection

The initiative aims to strengthen the Costa Brava brand. ‘Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe’ is looking to create synergies between gastronomy, culture and leisure. The association includes sixteen four and five stars establishments.

CNA / Tania Tapia / Joana Valent

May 11, 2012 10:34 PM

Girona (ACN).– The sixteen most luxurious hotels on the Costa Brava have created a new brand. ‘Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe’ is a hotel association whose aim is to strengthen the Costa Brava brand and increase its international projection. Their main purpose is to present to their potential customers an “exclusive and high-level” hotel offer. At the same time, they want to complement this initiative with information about the best restaurants, shops, leisure, and cultural activities. The association has sixteen hotels, one five star Grand Luxury Hotel, seven five stars and eight four stars. The basic promotion tool is their website, which has been translated into six languages.

Join up to grow up. This is the motivation that has led the most luxurious hotels on the Costa Brava to create a new brand, ‘Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe’, which aims to give a boost to the Costa Brava and also improve its international projection. The project managers have recognised that there are several attractions for more exclusive tourists on the Girona coastline but until now they have not been well marketed. “Although we may not want to recognise it, people think that the Costa Brava does not have a luxurious offer. However, we want to explain that we do have high quality options”, said Martí Sabrià, Manager of ‘Costa Brava Centre’ Hotels, a hospitality and tourist association that works on the Costa Brava.

The initiative has sixteen hotels, although the promoters are willing to expand the association if there are more high level establishments interested in joining them. The ‘Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe’ group includes the five star Grand Luxury Hotel (La Gavina), seven five star hotels (Guitart Monterrey, Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa, Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf Serhs, Rigat Park & Spa Beach Hotel, Sallés Hotel & Spa Cala del Pi, Hotel Santa Marta, Hotel Vistabella) and seven four star establishments (Hotel Aigua Blava, Hotel Castell d’Empordà, La Costa Gorf & Beach Resort, NM Suites Hotel, S’Agaró Hotel, Sallés Hotel Mas Tapiolas, Hotel Restaurant Sa Punta, Torremirona Hotel Relais). Altogether, 1,116 high level bedrooms.

A project that goes beyond accommodation 

The group presents this project at one of the toughest due to the economic crisis. However, project managers have stressed that their aim is to project the brand ‘Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe’ beyond our borders. To do so, they have created a website ( in which the information has been translated into six different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Russian.

On this website we can find more than just information about the establishments in the group. Potential customers can access directly the websites of restaurants with Michelin stars in the area and also check out the most exclusive wineries offers, tours and tastings. Their offers are complemented with information about recommended shops, golf courses, luxury boat rentals, sports activities and cultural and heritage visits, including a wide offer of summer festivals.

“It is designed for those customers looking for exclusive services and that, for example may also want to rent a yacht or a special car”, said the president of the association, Clement Guitart. For his part, Martí Sabrià also added that what is really important is to offer quality, services and treatment to the customer. “It is about creating synergies between the tourism sectors that offer the highest level”, said Sabrià.

The project has the total support of the Hospitality Federation of Girona’s Province. Its President, Antoni Escudero, thanked the pioneers of this initiative which counteracts the vision of “low price” tourism on the Girona coastline. Costa Brava’s Tourist Board, chaired by Jaume Torramadé, also supports this project. In Torramadé’s words, this initiative adds “an even greater reputation” to the Costa Brava.