Round-the-world cruise ship sets sail from Barcelona port

MSC Magnifica brings over 2,000 passengers on a trip around the globe beginning and ending in the Catalan capital

The MSC Magnifica, the cruise ship encompassing the globe, embarking from and returning to Barcelona port
The MSC Magnifica, the cruise ship encompassing the globe, embarking from and returning to Barcelona port / Image courtesy of MSC Cruises

ACN | Barcelona

January 7, 2020 06:49 PM

The cruise ship MSC Magnifica embarked on a 116-day journey from Barcelona port, sailing around the globe, before eventually returning to the Catalan capital.

More than 2,000 passengers will be on board enjoying a life of luxury on the seas, as the ship will visit 43 destinations in 23 different countries. All the while they will be served by a crew of over 1,000 people, working in the various bars, restaurants, lounges, spas, and shops.

As well as these amenities, the cruise ship also boasts a bowling alley, a casino, and even a theatre on board. Meals, drinks, and entertainment are all included from a price starting at around €12,000 per person, but the average price per passenger comes out around €25,000.

Jordi Lázaro, a travel designer that worked on what the MSC Magnifica has to offer, defended the pricing. “If we divide all the costs and everything that comes included, meals, drinks, shows every night, accommodation, over 1,000 crew members at your service, you can say that it’s worth the price,” he said.

Trip around the world

First, the Magnifica will travel southward and make some stops in Brazil and Argentina before passing Cape Horn at the southern point of South America

The route will then head towards New Zealand, before continuing north along Australia, then Indonesia. Cruise-goers will then be brought to some more stops around south-east Asia and India.

From there, passengers will enjoy a sail up the Red Sea, before then meeting the Suez Canal which will return them to the Mediterranean Sea, where it will make its journey back to Barcelona. 

Relaxing and getting to know other cultures

Catalan News spoke to some of the people embarking on the world-round trip about what they were looking forward to on the trip. David, a traveller from Andorra, told us that he was excited to “see the world, meet people, get to know cultures… Also to get away from this stressful environment in Europe for some time, to disconnect and relax.”

Enriqueta, an experienced cruise enjoyer from Barcelona, explained that cruise ships are very comfortable, and even more at my age.” What attracted her to the idea of a cruise holiday was the simplicity and ease. “You arrive, drop your bag, clothes in the wardrobe and you don’t have to worry about anything else. It’s ideal for me,” she said, also pointing out that demand for the trip was so high she needed to book her spot two years ago.