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Juli Soler, Ferran Adrià’s partner, quits managing elBulliFoundation for health reasons

Juli Soler has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, according to family sources and elBulliFoundation. Soler has been the director of El Bulli since 1981 and was the person who hired a young Ferran Adrià in 1984. Since then, Soler has been Adrià’s partner and co-owner of the restaurant that has transformed the world’s cuisine. El Bulli closed in summer 2011 to be transformed into elBulliFoundation by 2014. The Catalan restaurant was considered for many years to be the best restaurant in the world. It was the culinary temple and lab from where Ferran Adrià in the kitchen and Juli Soler in the dining room and offices launched molecular cuisine.


20 October 2012 01:16 AM



Roses (ACN).- Juli Soler, who has been directing elBulli since 1981, has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease by Barcelona\u2019s Hospital de Sant Pau. On Friday, the family and the elBulliFoundation told the news to the press and asked them to respect the privacy of such circumstances. Soler, aged 63, has quit the management of elBulliFoundation to focus on treating the disease. However, he would still be \u201Cthe permanent honourable president\u201D of the foundation. Juli Soler has been Ferran Adrià\u2019s business and culinary partner for the last three decades, and neither elBulli\u2019s or Adrià\u2019s success can be understood without him. Besides directing the restaurant and its successor project, in the early years Soler also ran the dining room. In fact, it was Soler who hired Adrià in 1984 and proposed him as elBulli\u2019s chef \u2013 firstly together with Christian Lutaud and since 1987 as the restaurant\u2019s only chef. Furthermore, in 1990, Adrià and Soler became co-owners of elBulli. That year they won their second Michelin star and since 1997 this Catalan restaurant had 3 Michelin stars until its closing in July last year. Ferran Adrià has been considered the best chef of the decade and has received a long list of awards throughout the world, including the Culinary Institute of America\u2019s \u2018Augie\u2019 prize, considered the most prestigious in the world. The restaurant closed its doors in 2011 at its peak, in order to re-open in 2014 transformed into elBulliFoundation, a centre to experiment on the links between cuisine, art, design, technology and health.

For five years, El Bulli, located on the Costa Brava\u2019s Cala Montjoi, in Roses, has been considered to be the best restaurant in the world by the magazine \u2018Restaurant\u2019. It has been the most influential restaurant in today\u2019s cuisine, since most of the chefs running the best restaurants in the world have done a stage or worked at elBulli. From this culinary temple and lab, with Ferran Adrià in the kitchen and Juli Soler in the dinning room and offices, molecular cuisine was launched.


  • Juli Soler (left) next to Ferran Adrià (right) (by T. Tàpia)

  • Juli Soler (left) next to Ferran Adrià (right) (by T. Tàpia)