Enotourism: the alternative to classical sun and sand in El Garraf

A new ?enotour? for tourists in the region of el Garraf combines beautiful scenery, culture and the opportunity to taste some of Catalonia?s most interesting, eco-friendly wines


August 3, 2010 11:01 PM

El Garraf, a small region in the centre of the Catalonian coast, traditionally renowned for its sun and sand, is upgrading the quality of its tourist attractions by promoting a new tour for tourists that combines culture, wild life and gastronomy. The tour, entitled “The senses of Garraf,” takes visitors thorough the Natural Park of El Garraf and on a visit to the Vega de Ribes wine cellar. Needless to say that, for those who wish to sample the cellar’s delights, the visit concludes with an eco-friendly wine tasting. 

“We want to challenge traditional notions of the opportunities for tourism our region has to offer –linked to the sun and sand. Our region is rich in natural landscapes, culture and gastronomy that should be discovered,” said Loreto Leguina, from Tourism of El Garraf. The aim of the tour, promoted by Tourism of El Garraf and Barcelona County Council, is to market the region as a quality tourist destination.

The wine itinerary is available to visitors throughout August, and tourists could combine this with other excursions in the region, to attractive cities, such as Sitges, for example, which is well known for its beaches and its culture.