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‘El Celler de Can Roca’ is the second best restaurant in the world

The Catalan restaurant came second in the ‘S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards’, organised by British Restaurant Magazine, with Copenhagen's ‘Noma’ topping the list.


20 April 2011 03:50 PM


ACN / Laura Pous / Mireia Julià

London (ACN).- Catalan restaurant \u2018El Celler de Can Roca\u2019 is the second best restaurant in the world. Chef Joan Roca, who runs the restaurant in Girona with his two brothers, almost topped the list, but the prize finally went to the Danish restaurant \u2018Noma\u2019, which retained its status as the best place to eat in the world. \u2018El Celler de Can Roca\u2019 has moved up two places on the list, after coming fourth in 2010. The restaurant, which has three Michelin stars, takes the lead in Catalan cuisine following on from the trend started by Ferran Adrià\u2019s \u2018El Bulli\u2019. \u2018El Bulli\u2019 topped the list for four years in a row; last year it came second and this year was not being evaluated as it will close this summer to open again in 2014 transformed into \u2018El Bulli Foundation\u2019.

For the first time, \u2018El Bulli\u2019 did not appear on the \u2018S.Pellegrino World\u2019s 50 Best Restaurants List\u2019, as the world renowned restaurant is closing later this year. However, Catalan cuisine demonstrated, once again, its excellence and quality. \u201CThis acknowledgement shows that Catalan cuisine continues to be important to the world. They still believe in this culinary revolution initiated in Catalonia by Ferran Adrià," said Chef Joan Roca.

Roca argued that just because \u2018El Bulli\u2019 is closing its doors does not mean Catalan cuisine is going backwards. According to him, \u2018El Celler de Can Roca\u2019s recognition as the world's second best restaurant \u201Cdemonstrates that this is a solid project, that there are more people\u201D beyond Adrià. \u201CWe are saying to the world this is not the end, it continues, it is a solid project, not a bubble - and it is a serious one\u201D, he added.

The Danish restaurant \u2018Noma\u2019 has retained its status as the world\u2019s best restaurant. \u2018Noma\u2019 topped the list in 2010, ending \u2018El Bulli\u2019s four-year reign in the awards. In the same year, \u2018El Bulli\u2019s chef, Ferran Adrià, was designated best chef of the decade. But \u2018Noma\u2019s 33-year-old chef, Rene Redzepi, is actually one of Adrià\u2019s disciples. His cuisine values Nordic cooking and home-grown products.

Basque gastronomy also remains prominent in the \u201850 Best Restaurants List\u2019. The Basque restaurant, Mugaritz, came fourth while Arzak was voted eighth best place to eat in the world. Chef Juan Mari Arzak was also awarded the new \u2018Lifetime Achievement Award\u2019.

The ceremony commemorated the Catalan chef Santi Santamaria, the \u2018Racó de Can Fabes\u2019 owner, who passed away last February while on a business trip in Singapore.


  • Chef Joan Roca before the award ceremony in London (by L. Pous)

  • The chef Joan Roca in the Celler de Can Roca's kitchen (by X. Pi)

  • Chef Joan Roca before the award ceremony in London (by L. Pous)
  • The chef Joan Roca in the Celler de Can Roca's kitchen (by X. Pi)