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Catalonia leads Spanish fashion exports in 2011

The Catalan textile industry accounts for 34% of Spanish fashion exports. A new report by “The Brandery” shows that in 2011, Catalonia was a crucial factor in the success of Spain’s growing fashion industry and emphasises its continuing and growing importance on the international fashion stage. The report was shown at an event this weekend and provides an encouraging insight into Catalonia’s significance in the Spanish fashion sector.


16 July 2012 10:38 PM



Barcelona (ACN). - 34% of national fashion exports in 2011 were attributed to Catalonia with a turnover of \u20AC4.2bn according to \u201CThe Brandery\u2019s Economic Report on Fashion in Spain 2012\u201D in the first nationwide analysis of the sector. The Catalan fashion industry comprises 5293 companies employing 34,964 people, figures which represent up to a quarter of the total activity generated by the sector in Spain. The report presented at a fashion event held this weekend in Barcelona, emphasised Catalonia\u2019s strong tradition in the sector and its position of leadership within the fashion industry in Spain.

Catalan fashion exports increased by 11.4% in 2011 and with an increase of only 5% in imports, Catalonia saw a reduction of trade deficit to \u20AC2.2bn . The study also notes that despite the rate of decline in the fabric business since 2003, the fashion industry last year recorded the lowest decline in the sector, only 7%. In 2011 25% of textile companies in Spain were situated in Catalonia. Furthermore, the report described Catalonia as \u201Cone of the main economic centres in Spain\u201D pointing to a turnover of 16.9% of total domestic trade in 2011, while Madrid represented 16.2%. These figures demonstrate that Catalonia is a leader in the sales side of the fashion industry, principally characterised by a mix of large and small companies which also provide various avenues into the international markets. The Spanish fashion industry\u2019s success has allowed for expansion beyond the euro zone. The report notes that Spain exported an increase of 11.5% relative to 2010. Saudi Arabia, Japan and Venezuela have become key destinations for Spanish exports, accounting for 34.7%, 34.2% and 32.4% of the total value respectively.


  • The Catalan textile industry accounts for 34% of Spanish fashion exports (by ACN)

  • The Catalan textile industry accounts for 34% of Spanish fashion exports (by ACN)