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Life & Style

Life & Style

Happy birthday to Catalonia's oldest person

04 March 2020 06:36 PM

Oldest person in Catalonia celebrates 113th birthday

"For her, it's as if the years don't pass by," says head of Olot nursing home where Maria Branyas has lived for past 20 years

Experiences learning Catalan as a foreign language

21 February 2020 01:23 PM

What's the point in learning Catalan?

Catalan News talks to a number of Catalan-speaking foreign residents who share their thoughts on learning the language
Children in Tarragona demonstrate with banner: 'For a country for all, school in Catalan' (by R. Segura)

19 February 2020 06:26 PM

Catalan idioms, a tough nut to crack

The weird and wonderful expressions pose a challenge to any language learner but one well worth the effort 

A packet of Catalan language exams wrapped in plastic packaging (by Elisenda Rosanas)

17 February 2020 07:39 PM

The Catalan language: the soul of Catalonia

If you wonder where and when it came from, how many people speak it, and where you can learn it, then read on

Arbeca's “visual spectacle”

16 February 2020 05:12 PM

Hundreds flock to western Catalonia to see almond trees in bloom

Arbeca countryside, near Lleida, allows visitors to take in flowered landscapes

Glamour and trends at 080 Barcelona Fashion

31 January 2020 02:17 PM

080 Barcelona Fashion introduces new formats for ‘new ways of understanding fashion’

For the first time, the contest will feature ''80 Capsules Day'', with firms such as Avellaneda, Lagaam and Juanjo Villaba

Calçot season kicks off with huge celebration in Valls

26 January 2020 04:04 PM

Peak of calçots season kicks off with hope to sell 18m

Catalan onion tradition celebrates big day in Valls, with tens of thousands attending

Catalonia's smallest town, more typical than you think

18 January 2020 11:53 AM

Catalonia's smallest town, more typical than you think

With just 27 inhabitants, Gisclareny is only one of many rural municipalities around the country at risk of depopulation

Towns in western Catalonia become a sea of pink

09 January 2020 12:48 PM

'Fruitourism', the best tourist experience in Catalonia

Catalan authorities award 2019 tourism prize to popular attraction in Aitona that shows off its landscape of flowering peach trees

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