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Miró’s residence in Mont-Roig to be opened as a museum in 2012

The surrealist Catalan painter Joan Miró will have a museum in the country house he spent parts of his childhood and youth, in Mont-Roig del Camp, next to Tarragona. The family, experts and Barcelona’s Miró Foundation will decide on the exact contents, which will be displayed via permanent and temporary exhibitions.


08 June 2011 08:48 PM


ACN / Marc Cervelló / Maite Cirera

Mont-Roig (ACN).- The heirs of Catalan artist Joan Miró agreed to promote Miró\u2019s family residence museum in Mont-Roig del Camp, next to Tarragona. In that house the Catalan surreal painter spent parts of his childhood and youth. The museum will open its doors in 2012. Once the speeches explaining the project were over, Miró\u2019s heirs led those present on a route through the Mas Miró residence showing off its rooms or some personal objects which belonged to their grandfather Joan Miró. The top floor, Miró\u2019s studio, is the one that most catches the visitor\u2019s eye. Joan Punyet-Miró showed two graffitis that Miró did himself as well as paint pots, paintbrushes, watercolours, and the characteristic hat that Miró used to wear. \u201CToday is a really special day for the family and our hearts are beating fast\u201D, said Emili Fernandez when thinking of the memories he shared in that house with Joan Miró. The Mas Miró residence was considered in 2006 a Cultural Property of National Interest back in 2006 for its artistic and architectural value.

A consultative council made up of experts, family and the Miró Foundation in Barcelona will decide on the main exhibits of the Mas Miró museum. Suggestions in progress include permanent and temporary exhibitions including original works, educational programmes, cultural activities and a shop which sells products produced on the Mont-Roig farm. A restaurant with regional food, a library-documentation centre and other multiuse spaces are also planned.

An agreement was reached between Fran Morancho, the Mayor of Mont-Roig, and Joan Miró\u2019s heirs, Emili Fernández Miró and Joan Punyer-Miró. The deal reached consists in a Mas Miró tenancy agreement in favour of the city hall which will take on the responsibility of creating a Foundation in order to administer the restoration of the building so it can be turned into a museum. The committee explained the importance of the agreement considering it to be \u201Ca great chance for the culture, economy and art for the future\u201D and a way of closing the \u201CMiró triangle\u201D between Barcelona, Mallorca and Mont-Roig. Once the clauses have been signed, the tenancy agreement will last for 50 years, the minimum period necessary for receiving the 1% investment from the Spanish Government for cultural projects. The renting right includes the residence, furnishings and all that is inside the country house, as well as the properties and plots of land, ten hectares in total.


  • The Mas Miró, Joan Miró's family residence in Mont-Roig, will become a museum in 2012 (by M. Cervelló)

  • The Mas Miró, Joan Miró's family residence in Mont-Roig, will become a museum in 2012 (by M. Cervelló)