Circuses hold out hope for Christmas performances despite pandemic

Shows are already planned for the festive season with a 50% capacity cap

Shot from the 2016 Christmas circus (by Gerard Vilà)
Shot from the 2016 Christmas circus (by Gerard Vilà) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

November 22, 2020 12:52 PM

Circuses in Catalonia hope that the new Covid-19 de-escalation measures beginning on Monday, allowing for 50% capacity at cultural events, will stay in place so that their festive shows may go ahead.

Many performances were cancelled in the summer due to restrictions, therefore, the festive season will be crucial for many.

An unofficial tradition of the holidays, the Christmas circus is very popular in Catalonia, and tickets are already available for a range of performances across the area.

However, some familiar circuses such as the Smile have yet to confirm if they will pursue their Christmas season.

By Christmas, Catalonia is expected to be in the third of a four-phase de-escalation plan, which would allow for cultural events to hold a maximum of 70% of their regular capacity.

Shows for the holidays

“If we weren't optimistic we would have already shut.” Louisa Raluy, granddaughter of the founder of the history Raluy Circus and an artist in the Raluy Legacy Circus told the Catalan News Agency (ACN).

The Raluy Legacy Circus will be performing the show ‘Todo LoCura’ in Moll de la Fusta, with capped capacity and a “compact” programme, as a result of the limitations imposed because of the pandemic.

Raluy also stated that they have “not had any case of contagion between the public or the company; it is a safe place.”

In Girona, you can catch the Circus Art Foundation with their show ‘Adrenalina’ from December 25 until December 29 at the Fontajau Pavilion. The dates have been doubled to make up for the 50% restriction in audience size.

Genís Matabosch, the circus’ leader, explained that in some ways, the pandemic and the closing of borders had helped create a better show. Indeed, they have been able to get wonderful acts that would usually be performing all across Europe.

‘Pobles de circ’ is a scheme put in place by the Circus Promotion Plan of the Department of Culture and the Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia (APCC) to spread circuses to smaller towns.

Therefore, the municipalities of Sort, Prats del Lluçanès, Ulldemolins and Bellver de Cerdanya, will be able to see shows from troupes such as Planeta Trampolí or La Cirquestra.