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Both parents and children enjoy sold-out kid’s music festival

The ‘Petits Camaleons’ event held a special edition after being cancelled on October 1 due to the country’s situation


19 February 2018 01:09 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Catalonia is known for its festivals and outdoor activities—so much so, that some of them aren’t even just for adults. Just northwest of Barcelona, the ‘Petits Camaleons’ festival for little ones sold out this weekend at the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

‘Bonus Track’

The festival’s name translated to ‘Little Cameleons’ in English. Its edition was called ‘Bonus Track,’ picking back up where the festival had to leave off on October 1, canceled due to the country’s political situation. In the morning on February 18, the little concert-goers enjoyed the ambient music of Joan Miquel Oliver, the disco stylings of Fundación Tony Manero, and reggae made for children by The Penguins. Later, in the afternoon, one of the most anticipated acts—Txarango, local Catalan fun-in-the-sun music—took to the stage.

Joan Miquel Oliver

The artistic director of the festival, Albert Puig, explained to the Catalan News Agency (ACN) that him and the organization are very satisfied because they “were able to save this edition of the festival” after everything that happened on October 1, albeit in a “much smaller version.” 

  • “We want to show music as it is, without infantilizing it”

    Albert Puig · artistic director of ‘Petits Camaleons’ 

The festival, which also held performances for babies and percussion acts, had the objective of “showing music as it is without infantilizing it,” according to Puig. “We wanted for the parents and the kids to both have the same experience and, with six years under our belt, we know that’s what ends up happening.” Indeed, most of the performers, save The Penguins, are not especially geared towards younger audiences, including Coriolà with a unique folky pop, and Bonobos’ indie ska tunes. Still, Puig noted that “everything is made [for children], they have reserved spaces, an appropriate volume, and the concerts are shorter.”

children audience

Cancelled during sound check

The original festival was set to take place between September 30 and October 1 2017. However, the organizers decided to suspend the event, due to the events taking place in the country, including the referendum vote held on the morning of the first day of October, and the police violence that subsequently followed.

Albert Puig explained that, on October 1 itself, “some bands were already doing sound check, but as the events took place we saw that it was impossible to do this.” The organization consequently decided to suspend the festival and reimburse ticket-holders. However, Puig explained that “many people told us to not give them their money back.”

A sold out success

Despite all of this, the ‘Petits Camaleons’ festival was a great success, selling out in the Sant Cugat del Vallès Teatre-Auditori venue where it was held. For Anna Corberó, mother of a nine-month-old attendee, this is the first edition of the event she’s attended. “I really wanted to come because I’ve always heard people speak of it really highly and I wanted to see for myself.” Meanwhile, Ignasi Martorell, father of an eight-month-old and three-year-old in the audience, explained that his children were having a lot of fun, and that they really liked the music.



  • A little girl dances with headphones during the Petits Camaleons festival on February 18 2018 (by Mar Martí)

  • A little girl dances with headphones during the Petits Camaleons festival on February 18 2018 (by Mar Martí)