Ben Harper, The Wailers and Alpha Blondy head this year's Cruïlla Music Festival in Barcelona

During the first edition of the Cruïlla Festival celebrated at Barcelona?s Forum, 16,000 people gathered to listen to great figures of the international and national music scene, such as Ben Harper, Alpha Blondy and the legendary band The Wailers.

Alícia. F. H.

July 19, 2010 02:03 AM

Barcelona (CNA).- The festival consisted of 24 hours of eclectic music divided in 2 days where bands like Ben Harper and Alpha Blondy, on an international frame, and Love of Lesbian and Muchachito, on a local frame, have played. The attendance has not been as massive as in other Barcelona music festivals, such as Primavera Sound, but has still reached a total of 16,000 people.

The 1st day of the Festival, the 16th of July, began slowly at 17:00, maybe due to the heat. But as the night went on and the temperature lowered, shows started to call crowds. Australian Xavier Rudd and his band, proved their control over several instruments: a brilliant combination of didgeridoo, bongos, guitars and voice, among others. As the opening act for Ben Harper and Relestless7, the band’s performance was one of the great moments of the night.

Many important musicians from the Catalan and Spanish scenes also shared the stage on Friday such as Love of Lesbian, a band that rising up in between the masters of indie pop and rock and Maria Coma, with a sweet voice mixed with intelligent lyrics.

The legendary band The Wailers, who used to play with Bob Marley, were another jewel of the day.

The second day

With less attendance than the first day, and more reggae, hip hop and rumba, the 17th of July meant a good finale for the festival.

The flamenco and rumba of D’Callaos, mixed with important figures of Spanish rap, like Kase’O and Rap’susklei, and the reggae giant Alpha Blondy, where the special ingredients of the festival’s last night.