Telefónica to provide Barcelona city with 4G broadband internet access in 2012

The Spanish telecommunications multinational commits to offering a 100 Mbps broadband wireless Internet connection throughout Barcelona city in 2012, which will multiply the current capacity by 14. 4G broadband is already offered in specific spots, such as trade fair venues, conference centres or at Barcelona Airport. However, its potential use throughout the city was one of the conditions for hosting the Mobile World Congress, which chose Barcelona as its organising city until 2018.


October 26, 2011 12:31 AM

Barcelona (ACN).- 4G broadband wireless Internet access will be offered throughout Barcelona in 2012 by Telefónica, when the first phones with this technology go on the market. The Spanish telecommunications multinational company will offer 100 Mbps broadband to allow 4G devices to work in any place of the city in 2012 through Movistar -its brand for phone-related technology. This change multiplies the current average speed of 7 Mbps by 14. Currently, 4G broadband Internet can be accessed through 4G USB devices only in very specific places in Barcelona, specifically prepared for such capacity, such as trade fairs, conference centres or El Prat Airport. Telefónica’s Director for Catalonia, Kim Faura, explained the company’s plan regarding this new technology on Tuesday. Telefónica foresees the generalised use of 4G technology in Barcelona by 2014, although 4G pioneers might already access it throughout the city in 2012. In order to accomplish this change, Faura pointed out that the company will have to invest in the modification of the infrastructure and antennae in place. In addition, Barcelona City Council will have to change some rules regarding antennae. A 4G broadband Internet access throughout Barcelona was one of the conditions the Mobile World Congress chose the Catalan capital as the organising city until 2018. Barcelona became the Mobile World Capital this summer. This means it will be the city that will host the annual world’s main trade fair on mobile phone technology until 2018 as well as related events throughout the year.

Telefónica’s Director in Catalonia presented the multinational’s plan to offer the fastest broadband internet access in the Catalan capital at the company’s headquarters in Barcelona, which are located in the tower Diagonal 00, at the Forum area in a corner of the 22@ district. Therefore, next year, users with 4G USB sticks and phones will be able to access internet from any spot in the city, although the 4G implementation will be gradual through the year.

Kim Faura used the occasion to announce that it is very likely that Telefónica’s space at Plaça Catalunya –in Barcelona’s downtown– will host the permanent offices of the Mobile World Congress. Since Barcelona was elected the world’s capital of mobile phone technology, Faura explained that Telefónica decided to place the Catalan capital as “a priority” to implement their 4G network.